‘No Naga should forget the mercy and protection of God’

Dear Countrymen,

Greetings to you all on this auspicious day of the 74th Nagaland Independence Day. We have suffered much all these years due to the invasion of India.

It is unthinkable that India should suppress us for this long, for the very fact that India herself was under the British rule for several centuries and experienced what foreign domination means. Therefore, if India is wise enough she should understand the position of the Nagas by setting a good example to the world. On the contrary, with territorial ambition Indian invaded Nagaland.

As such, it is natural that when you are attack you rise up to defend yourself. If enemy come by land we confront on the ground, if by air we should down the plane with whatever means at our disposal. When an Indian Plane was shot down by the Naga Army which fell in Matikhru Village territory, the villagers were all rounded up by Indian Army and beheaded all the adult male members for no fault of theirs. Does that mean that when a plane falls in their land they are responsible? Nagas must keep in mind that such kind of irrational people are in our land and living among the Nagas today, pretending as if nothing happened.

India tried its best to uproot the Nagas from their villages by burning their villages and compel them to become refugees. But the patriotic Nagas returned and reestablished their respective villages. In course of time the Nagas are experiencing a comfortable life economically at the present moment. This came about mainly because of the astute Nagas living in the villages.

Today we have many educated Nagas among us. It is expected that with their education and learning they will promote the Naga cause. On the contrary, it is observed that many educated Nagas failed to understand the national right and sufferings of the past but indulge and lean towards their own selfish end. In doing so has weakened the Nagas for the last 40 years. However, Naga National Council (NNC) and Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) could withstood the storm by staunchly upholding the Naga National rights. 

The outside world branded us “savage” and “barbarian.” But if we study carefully, there is no comparison in the world that where a small nation the size Nagaland could resist the onslaught of the might and size of India. Whatever we could overcome this far is all due to the love of God on the Nagas. No Naga should forget the mercy and protection of the Almighty God upon the Nagas.  

Let us not hesitate to ask God for forgiveness for any mistake on our part, at the same time continue to ask for blessings at all times. 


74th Naga Independence Day speech by Adinno Phizo, President, NNC.