Notoriety of Central Jail exposed

Morung Express News
Dimapur | November 25

A recovering drug user in a startling disclosure informed that Central Jail Dimapur was the “second Lahorijan” pointing out that the jail is a haven for drug users as illegal drugs is freely available inside the jail premises. The recovering drug addict, who had himself experienced this firsthand, said that drug users apprehended and lodged inside Central Jail “enjoy life” as drugs is freely made available. This disclosure was made during a panel discussion on “Collective Effort towards Positive Change” held this evening as part of ‘Celebrating Life’ jointly organized by CAD Foundation and Prodigal’s at IMC.  

Interestingly, Additional SP (Protocol) who was one of the panel members said he was unaware of such activity-taking place inside Central Jail and instead suggested that such information should be shared with police authorities. In another shocking disclosure, one social worker who has worked for 15 years with recovering addicts informed that “senior inmates” lodged in Central Jail had resorted to raping young drug users’. While several issues related to policing, role of NGOs and Church, education, program intervention etc were deliberated during the panel discussion, the notoriety of Central Jail Dimapur hogged much of the limelight.