NPMHR takes reaffirmation stand

Dimapur, Dec 13 (MExN): While acknowledging that it has shortcomings and has failed the people in many ways, Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights reaffirms its commitment to strive in greater endeavor initiating people to people dialogue within the Naga family and with other communities.    

“NPMHR once again acknowledge many of our short comings, and we admit that we have failed the people in many fronts, by way of circumstances or through our unintended actions provoking people’s displeasure. With outmost humility we say sorry to the people for any inadvertent hurts caused. NPMHR once again reaffirm our commitment to reassert the rights of the Nagas without prejudice to any other” stated a reaffirmation appended by NPMHR Nagaland Convenor Dr. Lanusashi Longkumer, Joyson Mozamo (NPMHR Delhi), NPMHR south Convenor Phamhring Sengul and NPMHR Secretary General (Secretariat) Nepuni Piku.

The NPMHR reaffirmed its sincere commitment to continuing efforts to initiate peoples-to-peoples dialogue and supporting the ongoing reconciliation process. It also affirmed its endeavor towards ‘peaceful accommodation’ both within the Naga family and with other communities basing on the inalienable truth that all human have rights with the responsibility to reclaim a future that is peaceful, just, humane and with dignity.

Stating that this year’s International Human Rights Day theme reflects the need for all people to take up the responsibility of addressing the issue of poverty as duty, NPMHR reminded that promotion and protection of human rights has to be complemented by ensuring humane development and just security. NPMHR considered imperative that development should begin with the development of human mind ‘facilitating the liberation of human spirits’. “Development should involve effective participation of the people to ensure that the masses meaningfully own and participate in the process” it stated. 

The organization also pointed out that health crisis such as AIDS and HIV positive cases have to be dealt with creativity and with a humane touch.

“The silent war on AIDS has to become a public agenda and collective effort needs to be evolved to address this humanitarian crisis with a right based approach taking into consideration the multiple causes such as poverty, underdevelopment, environment degradation, conflict which leads to further proliferation of this serious health concerns impacting more on the most vulnerable in the society especially like the indigenous peoples communities” it stated. NPMHR also assured to further its commitment for women empowerment to create a society which is respectful and uphold the dignity of women acknowledging common humanity. NPMHR assured that it would continue its open commitment towards ushering in a society where all human both man and women will enjoy the common dignity and continue upholding their unique roles in society which will facilitate harmony.