NPMHR undergoes soul searching

Dimapur, Dec 10 (MExN): The Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), today on World Human Rights Day made some critical introspection into its activities and underwent an open discussion on its present, past and future activities at the Highway 39 Conference Center at Pudum Pukhri here today.

Ahu Shakire, founding member of the NPMHR while sharing his thoughts during the ‘Critical Opinion on NPMHR’ said that the NPMHR is committed in pursuing the goals and aspirations because of its conviction. He said that Human Rights Groups are the watch dogs  of the society much to the discomfort of the people in power. 

However he cautioned that people with self-interest must keep away from NPMHR and emphasized the importance for NPMHR to maintain its impartial role. Ahu Sakhire also said that the Nagas have overstretched their hatred for the people of India. He recollected that when he said those words in 1980, he received a lot of criticism, however, Sakhire said that in politics, nothing is permanent and instead called for uprightness in principle and to celebrate life to the fullest.

Rosemary Dzüvichu, English lecturer from the Nagaland University called for collaboration of the NPMHR with the Nagaland University and asked the NPMHR to have interaction with the students and teachers. She also pointed out that NPMHR is one of those organizations that have consistently been upholding and advocating women’s rights.

NSF president Pushika Awomi, in an optimistic note said that the public are accusing the NPMHR and the NSF of not doing enough because the people are expecting more from them. He called upon the NPMHR members to stay off from any ideological clashes saying that such a clash would make all relevant issues and initiatives to collapse.

Ghugato Chishi, the youngest of the founding members, reflected with nostalgia the trials, challenges and opportunities they underwent when forming NPMHR. He declared that freedom has its limitation and that freedom meant not infringing on others’ freedom while exercising individual rights. He lamented that Nagas are better Nagas outside Nagaland than at home. He remarked that Nagas when they return home go into their narrow positions.

Labu Sakhire, founding member and son of late T. Sakhire while recalling the words of Moraji Desai that India can exterminate the Nagas without compunction, said that since the Nagas believe in certain inalienable truths and are determined to stick to it, nobody would be able to destroy the Nagas.

He however regretted that the Nagas are sinking into some sort of an abyss.  He said that if the NPMHR is a people’s movement then they have to be a peoples movement’ supporting no one faction in particular but the Naga people only. He urged NPMHR to rebuild and regain the confidence of the Naga people and stated that once it won the confidence of the people then no one can defeat them. 

There was a common understanding that so long as NPMHR principally upheld its 11 point declaration of 1978, and refrained from any prejudice towards anyone, it would succeed in building a society based on human rights and human dignity. Recognizing that Moraji Desai had observed that Nagas are a people with great vitality, various members expressed that Nagas should lived up its maximum vitality. Labu also expressed that if our people are suffering, let us help our people, it’s our duty.   

Others who spoke on the occasion were Dr. John Murry former General Secretary, Naga Hoho, Keviletuo Keiwhou, Vice President, Naga Hoho and Vikheho Swu, former President of NSF.

NPMHR will be organizing Harmony through Culture: A musical celebration of indigenous people on December 11 at Imliyanger Memorial Center, Dimapur as part of its peoples to peoples dialogue initiatives.