NSCN (IM) on Naga Unification

The Naga Unification cannot be processed through abduction and kidnapping for ransom, killing and other discriminatory violence. But this how the forces opposed to NSCN indulged themselves in the name of Naga Unification. How violence can be justified to bring about Unification? The answer is yet to be given by the group. Simply beating about the bush will not take them anywhere to cool the public conscience. Resorting to terror is anathema to Unification. But this is how the Unification group find pleasure by terrorizing the innocent public. Discrimination on tribal line is against the unity spirit. But this is the policy and practice of the Unification group and which continues to be practical even after the merger with the Khaplang group in May 7th 2008.

The government of India knows too well who really matters in the Indo-Naga politic affairs. And accordingly, NSCN Chairman Isak Chishi Swu and General Secretary Th. Muivah were invited by government of India to come to India as part of the Indo-Naga political peace process. The international protocol dictates that the security of the visiting dignitaries should be the responsibility of the host country. The Khaplang group must come out of the confine of anti NSCN politics and broaden the horizon of their outlook in order to avoid landing in embarrassing situation, befooling themselves before the public.

Given the complexities of the Indo-Naga political issue the NSCN has been patient enough with the government of India. Because the solution has to be honorable, keeping in view the mutual interests of both India and Nagalim. This is the reason why the Indo-Naga political talks has tracked on for more than 10 years. Because NSCN cannot afford to make any mistake.

The moral degeneration of the Khaplang group is history and when the Unification group seek shelter in Khaplang group and officially merge with them to make a seeming show of unification, it became a matter of "birds of the same feather flock together". Nowhere in the world has the criminal process been given importance to bring political unification. But this is the face of the forces who cried for Naga unification. This is duplicity of dangerous nature. The IB and RAW's role in Naga politics has been a story of success. Because what is happening now in Nagaland in the work of these two notorious intelligence agencies. Worst of all, many Naga allowed themselves to be used as stooges of IB and RAW. And woe betides these anti-Naga elements who are working at the behest of the divisive forces, sponsored by India.

Issued by: MIP/GPRN