NSCN (IM) questions motive

Dimapur, December 28 (MExN): The NSCN (IM) has alleged that despite the high sounding talk of unification, the ground realities is all about “anti-unification programs like arms collection and training for the Sumi youth front, preparation of stone erection at Inavi village, collection of money from Dimapur amounting to crores of rupees”.  “Can the Nagas be fooled with such provocative manner? Can the Sumi dictate unification with such criminal programs?” questioned an MIP press note while stating that history will bear witness to the unfolding events to “who is among the Naga tribe to betray the Naga nation again” and that the most disturbing question that is striking the conscience of every Naga is- ‘will the history be repeated?’

The NSCN (IM) pointed out that there was no occasion more befitting and demanding than the prevailing situation to assert that the “wages of hypocrisy, deception, lies and falsehood are sure to face condemnation of God and the Naga people”.  “Interesting to the limit of human endurance, deception has taken a dangerous color and all in the name of Naga unification. Swearing in the name of God, who will stand up to say that the process of Naga unification necessitate indulging in illegal tax collection (extortions) kidnapping for ransom and all such demeaning activities that only anti-Naga and anti-social elements will dare to do”, the MIP note stated. 

The NSCN (IM) stated that the process of unification when “started on wrong footing, naturally have no compunction to resort to any such criminal programs”. “When faced with Naga public scrutiny who refused to buy such high sounding agenda without knowing the true color of the agenda”, it stated adding that “the magnitude of the Naga unity problems dictates the serious-minded Nagas to be extra careful” and that the “true color of the unity agenda is gradually in the process of unfolding”. It pointed out that what the unification team preaches and shout is not supported by the ground realities.