NSCN Unification camp questions Hebron

Dimapur, December 31 (MExN): The NSCN Unification Camp has put on record to state that the unification move currently underway was initiated in response to the clarion call of the Nagas and was in no way related to any tribal or communal agendas. The NSCN Unification Camp in a press note issued by its Publicity Cell clarified that the Sumis are only a component of the move like any other Naga tribes and that the Sumi people along with Naga national workers from across the length and breadth of the Naga country are only trying to pave way for unification of all the Nagas.

The NSCN Unification Camp stated that ever since the inception of Naga unification initiative, “dubious characters in guise of nationalism have been vocally spreading rumors, doubts and anti-unification propagandas”. “Labeling the move as communal and guided by a group of defectors with vested interests is not only an outburst of their desperation but also amply exposes their real intent, purpose and objective to sabotage the Naga unification so that they continue to aggrandize their hegemony and prolong subjugation of the Nagas for their own materialistic pursuit at the expense of Naga nationalism”, the Publicity Cell stated.

Pointing out that when the entire Nagas longs for peace and unification in order to end killing and bloodshed and to restore normalcy, the NSCN Unification Camp questioned as to “why a handful of so called national workers camping at Hebron oppose the desire and wishes of the Nagas and to impose their will upon the people’s will”. It stated that people’s will is God’s will and that no group posses any moral or political authority to dictate the Nagas. “Haven’t we realized that Nagas have paid enough lives and blood at the altar of our factional ego and chauvinism?” it stated while adding that at this juncture we cannot afford to ignore the call of the Naga people for peace and unification. “Let God and Nagas be the judge”, it stated.