On ‘Food for thought’ and ‘Confession’

I was allowed opportunity to preserve in writing the conversation between Ava Kharar, as we dearly address Th. Muivah and Dr Tuisem Madam Margaret and Rev Candid Sareo accompanied him, on a fine day at camp Hebron. That was a few days ahead of a Naga consultative meet in 2004. A four-page writing headlined: food for thought for Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah, was read out by Dr. Tuisem. Ava Kharar and Dr. Tuisem spoke with a cool head and in an unusual decency I had seldom been privileged to be around.

“Achui Sem,” Ava Kharar, with Naga traditional etiquette and gutsy, addressed Dr. Tuisem. And then he (Ava Kharar) spoke to mention how some framed up allegations against him and Isak resulted to the former Oking in the Eastern Nagalim being stormed and its aftermath involving one of the basest arsons in the history of the Nagas .The allegations, among others, included: Isak and Muivah had accepted the Constitution of India, they are pursuing uncle Suisa proposal, Tangkhuls are bent to annihilate Konyak and Pangmi, they have collected crores of rupees, they have amassed immense wealth, have palatial bungalows in Gorhat, Golaghat and Dimapur, they have often been airlifted from Moon town to Delhi to materialize the designs of GOI, etc. These did not exist those days; they do not exist today, either, of course.

Ava Kharar also recalled the Shillong Accord: The representatives of the Naga underground organizations conveyed of their own volition, to accept, without conditions, the constitution of India. He made his point very clear to say that Isak, Muivah and NSCN are never opposed to Naga oneness; that, they are prepared to welcome all wayward comrades in spite of those brutalities perpetrated upon the Naga nation. We have forgiven, on our parts, all these for the sake of the Naga future. We are not responsible for all the present messed ups. We simply desire that, these Naga brothers should severe their connections with the Indian armies, the Indian Intelligence apparatus in order to preserve Naga political sanctity. What more do our people expect than these? Ava Kharar said. He did not try to dodge or disown the excesses committed while on the line of actions as well as those wrongs committed by the cadres who are capable of doing them ever since their stay with their own fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters at home.

There was, even if I adequately fail to recognize as they were, no disagreement. It was, at the most, an elderly acceptance and amends with all their elderly and wise conducts. The food for thought was widely published the next day and was read by many with mixed feelings, no doubt.

Dr. Tuisem’s other commendable writing came out three days ahead of another Naga consultative meeting scheduled 27th July 2007. Many respectable Naga intellectuals have also said Amen, well done! We do need critical partnership as well as sever criticism without target towards building up the Nagas, and not down.

His estimable confession, among others, is his boldness to represent the sins of his tribesmen. The other is his slighting the hard-earned peace initiatives, which are, according to him, no where near end. The last, to me, is heaven’s acceptance of confession---of this kind. Is this too big a burden for his standing to continue meeting people to people or, to enclose himself in his own closet for everyday supplications within his contrite soul for the wrongs of his TangkhulI-Ms instead of showing all our self-inflicted scars and scratches in such a cantankerous time as ours?

I am writing all these without any malice inside but to relive what was said and what was not said that day. The rest have just been printed and read. With all these inputs, I have mixed feelings in me. Is there a target? Some of these feelings of mine are: Is this food for thought meant to merit double pay-back for his tribesmen with such an inferno? Is confession such as this type necessarily a requirement for pardon and atonement? For Naga oneness? This confession is reaching every window in United States of America and others as well. 

Dr. Tuisem A Shishak had better confess for all the evangelical extortion, politicians-bureaucrats’ robberies in high places and of course, professed Christians’ misrepresentations in our deception beset and corruption institutionalized church, next time. 
S Varah, Purana Bazaar, Dimapur