One killed in road crash

DIMAPUR, APRIL 3 (MExN): One person was killed and five others were seriously injured in a tragic road mishap at NH 29, Pherima village on Sunday, April 3. The accident occurred at around noon and was the result of a collision between two oncoming vehicles – a Kohima bound taxi (NL 01 T 7684) and a ‘Maruti Gypsy’ (NL 02 0332) coming towards Dimapur.
The taxi was transporting four passengers besides the driver while the other had three occupants, including the driver. The deceased identified as one Aziruddin (a shopkeeper in his twenties) was seated in the front passenger seat of the taxi. Only the drivers of both vehicles escaped unhurt, while the rest of the passengers suffered injuries and were admitted at Zion Hospital & Research Centre, Dimapur. Both drivers were taken into custody by the traffic police.
The mishap is believed to have caused, in part, by a stationary truck parked on the left lane of the highway towards Kohima. According to the driver of the taxi, he made a detour to the right lane of the road inorder to overtake the stationary truck, while at same time the ‘Maruti Gypsy’ was approaching from the opposite direction. This is believed to have puzzled the driver of the oncoming vehicle headed towards Dimapur, unfortunately causing the accident.  
Commercial trucks carelessly parked alongside highways are a major concern for road safety. Only in the past month, an abandoned stationary truck parked in similar fashion at the same highway running along 3rd Mile, Dimapur had caused two car crashes and the loss of a life.