Pak probe into 26/11 case has not moved an inch: Pillai

New Delhi, January 16 (PTI): India has expressed its “disappointment” over Pakistan’s delay in bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai terror attack to justice, saying “real investigation” has not taken place in that country. Home Secretary Gopal K Pillai said the prosecution attempt in Pakistan to bring the 26/11 guilty to justice “has not moved an inch” and India’s request for providing the voice samples of the handlers of the attackers has fallen on deaf ears.
When Home Minister P Chidambaram asked for action against the 26/11 perpetrators and voice samples of handlers of the attackers during his Islamabad visit last year, his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik told him that “you would not be disappointed by our response”. But, Pillai said that “seven months down the line, there is no Pakistani response. We are disappointed.” No key person, who was actually involved in the 2008 Mumbai terror strikes or giving directions to the attackers, has been arrested. Only second or third-level conspirators were put behind the bars. “That is not the real investigation. “From the steps so far taken by Pakistan, we would say we are quite pessimistic because when the Home Minister was in Islamabad, the interior Minister actually told him that he would respond,” he said.
Indian investigators have transcripts of the recorded conversations between the terrorists at each of the sites of the attacks and their handlers based in Pakistan. India has given the names, photographs and addresses of the handlers and Pakistan just need to check out their voices. “If they give voice samples to us and if these match with what we have, then we would know that this guy was sitting in Pakistan and directing the operations in Mumbai. “You don’t need any further proof,” Pillai said. On the eve of the second anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks in November last year, India had conveyed to Pakistan that “substantive and verifiable” progress has not been made in the probe into Mumbai attacks case in that country.
Asking Islamabad to fulfill its “obligation and commitment” to bring to justice the perpetrators of the 26/11 carnage, India had regretted that no feedback has been received on several issues raised by New Delhi. This included voice samples of Pakistan-based “handlers” of the 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai and information about seven persons involved in the attacks whose names were given by Chidambaram during his meeting with Malik in June in Islamabad. The names of seven “handlers” involved in terror attacks included that of two officers in the Pakistani Army.