Peace- ARE we in the right legacy?

Perhaps we still have a very long way to go but it is quite clear that our state workers are making sincere and serious efforts to get closer and understand each other better. This is manifest in several reports in our local dailies, as also the general opinions made public by groups. No let’s not have too many illusions and let’s not even begin to think that we have arrived to the legacy of peace but definitely so far things point towards some steps in that direction. Decades of hurt, suspicions and apprehensions cannot be deleted overnight with the push of a button. There are still numerous steps to be taken that can begin only in the human heart and mind and these are not easy steps to take. But these are steps that must be taken to resolve numerous conflicts in our society, which spills over our state, as a natural corollary.

We have given date, time and places of the origin of our political movement but we have not given a name to our sense of loss at being tossed about by the changing politics and economics of a world that was being turned tipsy-turfy at a certain point of human history. Perhaps we failed to see and read clearly the situation of that time, when colonial powers were increasingly defeated and another new world order was taking shape. Perhaps we failed to see our place in that jigsaw puzzle of a changing world order and failed to read the writings in the wall.

Perhaps, oh there are so many perhaps in life but whatever this numerous perhaps, the point is that we have lived with too much pain, anger, distrust, suspicion and many apprehensions, which we have turned into insurmountable walls around us and kept one another distanced from each other. These walls must be broken and we must see the faces of the person living next door, as much as we must show our faces to the persons living next door, otherwise peace won’t be ours.

Never has freedom of speech and expression been more needed in our society because when we speak out of our minds, discuss debate and communicate! We begin to understand each other and even realize that there is always a point to another persons’ opinion’s and even emotions. It is  time for us to question concepts such as dominant opinions after all even if democracy works along the lines of the majority, Can we honestly say majority is always right? We also know that concepts such as dominant opinion etc. are sometimes well planned and executed. Yes, there have been instances of manipulated opinions across the world, the prime e.g. being election results of several democratically held elections in several parts of the world, even under the observation of wide bodies.

As far as we are concerned, perhaps it is time to allow a free flow of all opinions, dominant or not, and free flow of philosophies, beliefs, thoughts, ideas and principles. Surely, somewhere in them do we all find our answers?  For small communities like ours, survival is primary and all know that sometimes we need to take a step backward to move two steps forward and not only that, we know that sometimes we get  a better view of things when we stand far and not near.

Lets also open our minds to the fact that the other person may have the best of intentions but his/her approach may not be according to our liking or he/she may not use the right words to describe his/her opinions. In brief, time is less and it has come for us to look at each other with less suspicious eyes and more open hearts, resolving situations in a society full of conflicts is not an easy task but let us also consider that some of the conflicts affecting our society may not even be before our own making. Let’s listen to ourselves first before we allow others to speak for us. All efforts to get closer and understand each other must continue and we should not let anything or anybody divert our attention towards this end. Peace wont reach us if we don’t go towards it. Peace won’t come by communal clashes!

We definitely are not in the right legacy to “peace”! Let peace arrive in our homeland!

PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! all we need is "PEACE".


Mann Vam De
Sainik School Punglwa