Peace Channel and NEISSR hosts webinar

Dimapur, September 26 (MExN): Emphasizing on a quote by Richard Rohr, “Hurts not transformed are always transferred”, Niketu Iralu said “when we start to think about the subject we realize that we are talking about a very big crisis or problem and it is all as all the human history but as fresh and modern as today. I think most of us start to think of our hurts and pain and it stretches out and spread wider and wider into the world.”

Peace Activist, Niketu Iralu stated this while addressing a webinar organized by Peace Channel and NEISSR conducted on September 26. 

Niketu said that understanding the nature and size of the problem is necessary for those who want to get engaged in conflict resolution process. Further elaborating on the topic, the speaker expressed how, if our individual problems and difficulties are not transformed through, it transfers to those people around us and creates havoc around. He spoke on the transformation of hurts that is transferable and contagious just like how hurts not transformed are always transferred to others.

Niketu emphasized on the basic human nature of selfishness, irresponsibility, jealousy, hatred etc, that holds human being hostages of stagnation and how only by acknowledging those weaknesses, accepting to deal with it and detaching from it and paves way towards ‘the process of change’. 

Talking about his personal experiences, Niketu expressed how it controlled and enslaved his life and overcame the clutches of discontent by accepting and announcing his weaknesses by apologizing to people he was jealous of. He encouraged people to listen to the still small voice and follow its guidance that would lead the way to discover one’s own path and contribute something to the society in building a better world.

Niketu stated that history is full of those who are not transformed and how the consequences has led to mankind’s consciousness becoming numb, hence he says that we must practice the habit to “keep the process clean and the outcome will be all right” as quoted by Mahatma Gandhi

Earlier, Dr Fr CP Anto, Director NEISSR & Peace Channel in his introductory remarks appreciated all the participants and the resource person for their time. Talking on basis of the need for peace in the whole world today, he says that reconciliation is the need of the hour. He unwraped the session with a question “is reconciliation possible for sustainable peace? Can our children enjoy peace and lasting harmony and joy where reconciliation is possible in individual, group and state level?

Vitono Haralu, trainer cum consultant of Peace Channel moderated the webinar. She spoke about her personal experience and transformation that made her to do the right things among her family and friends and how her Journey towards Initiative of change was a daunting process but a life changing experience. It gave her the courage and wisdom to transform her life and made her resolve the conflicts around her. 

The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session with 56 participants from various backgrounds such as researchers, NEISSR students, journalist, HOD and scholars.