The Prince of Peace: Shalom

PEACE is the most common, familiar word for everyone all over the world; it is the desire and cry of every human heart and soul to enjoy PEACE. First page of daily news always talk about peace; some say peace means absence of war, some say cordial co-existence between men. The word here PEACE speaks of not what the world can give or be purchased but this peace talks about the divine peace as Jesus himself said “I will give peace which the world cannot give.”
This peace speaks of (a) physical (b) mental soundness (c) spiritual soundness. The Jew had experienced this peace, hence they greet every friend or foreigner with the word SHALOM which means peace. PEACE on earth is brought through the angels to the most humble group of people, the shepherds “glory to God in the highest and peace on earth” Luke 2:14.

(A)    PEACE IN SOCIETY: Since the fall of Adam, men have been separated from one another and have been in search of peace. Since the fall of the Tower of Babel there was no common medium of communication which brought tribal feuds and war. This gap has been bridged with the birth of Christ on earth. Restoration of peace to man was made possible by God through Christ’s birth, death and resurrection.

(B)    PEACE AT HOME: Barrier between husband and wife is primarily because of the absence of God’s peace in the individual lives. Separation between parents and children are mainly due to the absence of God’s peace in the lives of the family members. The peace of Christ is the balm to heal the broken hearts and separation in the families. This is made possible through Christ which comes through our reconciliation and forgiveness of sins between us.

(C)    PEACE IN THE CHURCH: Peaceful co-existence is made possible among church workers in spite of individual differences. Christians from various denominations and backgrounds have the same purpose and goal because of Christ’s presence in each individual lives. Peaceful co-existence of all creations is now partially fulfilled as prophesied by Isaiah 11:1-9.

Every member of the church today needs to re-examine ourselves whether there is room for Christ in our hearts. The vacuum in our heart can only be filled by Christ the anointed Lord and King. This Prince of Peace is the source and the spring of peace and He alone is the giver of the eternal peace. May this coming Christmas bring the real peace to our land as we celebrate Messiah the light of the world.