The Promise to send 10,000 missionaries to world missions

Sinai Ministry

The Nagaland Baptist Churches Council (NBCC) during a conference held at Pfütsero, Phek district made a covenant to send 10,000 missionaries to the world missions. It was in the year 1977.  

It was under the leadership of Rev. Alemmeren, missionary the promise was passed as a resolution at the NBCC Conference.  

Making a significant move to join the vision and promise made in 1977, the Sinai Ministry has launched the ‘GO- A movement to pursue the promise of 10,000 missionaries’ on October 4, 2018.  

Earlier, on August 8, 2018, a team from Sinai Ministry, Nagaland led by its Director Wabang Longchari along with few leaders met Rev. Alemmeren for a brief interaction.  

During the meeting with him, because of differing versions prevailing among the church leaders and Naga Christians, following are the specific questions asked and his response. Here is an extract of the interview:  

1. How did the vision to send out 10,000 volunteers for World Missions come about?

Rev. Alemmeren: In the 60s and 70s, more than 5,000 Nagas had already sacrificed their lives for the Naga cause, so I was convicted by God ‘why not double the number and send 10,000 volunteers for Lord’s Ministry for World Missions’?  

2. In the original documents it is recorded to enlist 10,000 Volunteers for the World Missions. What do you mean by “10,000 Volunteers”?

Rev. Alemmeren: In the resolution “Volunteers” mean those people who will voluntarily come forward to be a missionary. Who are willing we will to surrender their life to God for the rest of their life. There is a cost and price to be paid even up to the extent of losing blood, so you need to voluntarily come to be enlisted among the 10,000 to be sent, and not because your church/parents want you to go.  

3. Who can be included/counted among the 10,000?

Rev. Alemmeren: Only those who are in World Missions and not home mission, those who are reaching the unreached. In other words, leaving their homes and going from Nagaland to other parts of the nations and beyond.  

4. What about the full-time workers like pastors, youth pastors, people in different ministries working in Nagaland?

Rev. Alemmeren: Yes, they are ministers of the Gospel but it’s within Nagaland and it’s called Home Missions; but the 10,000 promise was to send out for the World Missions from Nagaland to outside of Nagaland.  

5. Do you think the promise has been fulfilled? Rev. Alemmeren: No, it is not fulfilled yet.  

6. What did you do about this promise we made with God?

Rev. Alemmeren: After the resolutions was passed and the promise was made to send 10,000, eventually all the different associations under NBCC resolved and signed the resolution. In the year 1993, after my tenure got over as Director in Nagaland Missionary Movement (now it is Nagaland Missions Movement), since not many were responding to go on World Mission, I was convicted and decided to move to Hong Kong with my whole family without having a clue where to stay. The first couple of days, my whole family was sleeping under a bridge. We have already celebrated our 25 years of ministry in Hong Kong.  

7. What if we don’t fulfill the promise we made with God to send 10,000 Missionaries for the World Missions? Rev. Alemmeren: God will not bless Nagaland.  

“We are not doing or starting anything new. We are also not saying that Sinai Ministry will be able to fulfil the promise but we just want to be a part, to support and carry the baton our parents were carrying since the 50s. We just want to remind all the Naga political and spiritual leaders, all our fellow Naga citizens that we have unfinished business with God and without which, no matter how best we try, we will see very less transformation or no transformation in our land in all the spheres of the Naga society”- Sinai Ministry, Nagaland.  

This portion of article is taken from the publication called “This is our Story” published by the Sinai Ministry as part of the ‘GO- A movement to pursue the promise of 10,000 missionaries.’ It is not for sale and is available for free.