Quality education still wanting in Chang area

Dimapur, January 18 (MExN): The Confederation of Chang Students’ Union (CCSU) undertook educational tour from October 19 to November 22, 2010 within its jurisdiction. The tour covered 68 schools which comprises of GPSs, GMSs, GHSs and GHSS.
CCSU finds out irregular teacher, misuse of fund, lack of basic infrastructures
Giving an account on the findings of the tour, M. Aolen, Education Secretary, CCSU and I. Tochi Press & Information Secretary, CCSU stated that the educational scenario has not changed much over the year inspite of initiatives taken by government especially due to lack of proper implementation and facilitation. In this regard, the CCSU has noted that some GPSs under the Chang area is pathetically operating with a single or two teachers because the remaining teachers were either transferred with post to other schools or none were appointed against in the cases of retirement or some are unnecessarily attached to DEO/DIS offices. These GPSs are supposed to have minimum four teachers per school according to the initial post creations against them. In this connection, the CCSU has to arrange and paid a private teacher to teach in a Government Primary School in-order to complete the syllabus before final examination. Therefore, the concerned department is urged to appoint minimum required teachers for each school at the earliest.
The Union has also found that the funds meant for school maintenance, Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) and Mid-Day Meals are largely being misused by VECs, In-Changes, Headmasters. The CCSU also found some teachers very irregular in their duties, whose salary were held-up by CCSU and were called for explanation along with errant VECs, School In-Changes. The CCSU strongly warned them to immediately rectify all the short-comings in their respective schools during the explanation call.
The CCSU is outraged to learn that the officials of the Education Department Tuensang is blinded to all these corruptions going on under them and none of the concerned officials such as DEO/DIS/SIS have visited most of the schools even once in a year to inquire about the problems/conditions of the schools. The CCSU urged the concerned department to pay extra attention to the village schools so that village students should not suffer due to irregularity of teachers and lack of basic infrastructures.
The CCSU further notifies all its Federating Units to look after the schools within their jurisdictions on regular basis and report any matter of concern to the Union in-order to infuse more transparency and accountability in the system. The CCSU believes this will also help improve the quality of education being imparted at the village level.