Rejoinder to the letter addressed to the Governor and the Chief Secy Nagaland

Apropos to the letter that was published in the 10th March 2006 issue of the ‘Morung Express’ where a pseudonymous open letter supposedly addressed to the Governor and the Chief Secretary, Nagaland has been published about alleged mis-behaviour of Shri. Imkonglemba IAS Secretary, Veterinary & Animal Husbandry-and Irrigation departments, Government of Nagaland.    

The Kohima Ao Officer Telongjem (KAOT) being the association of the Ao gazetted officers of Kohima strongly condemn this as a cheap and dastardly attempt to defame the character of the officer.

Shri Imkonglemba is well known among the Nagas. After serving for many years with distinction in the Rural Development department he is the youngest Naga Officer to be inducted into the IAS from the other services. This was possible due to his sincere and dedicated devotion to his duties as also for his concern for the development of the State and the people of Nagaland. He is perhaps one of the very few officers of Nagaland who has visited every village of the State during his tenure in the Rural Development department. After he has been inducted into the IAS he has served as Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung and Joint Secretary in the Planning Department with distinction. Accordingly he has been given much larger assignment of looking after two very important Agriculture-and Allied Sector departments. In both the departments he is providing leadership and directions such as creating road maps and visions to the departments of which he is the Administrative Head. All these are not possible if he had been a person of the manner that was stated in the letter.

The Kohima Ao Officer Telongjem (KAOT) views the matter very seriously and condemns the actions of the writer/writers of such a cowardly pseudonymous letter. It is most shocking and un-imaginable for people to indulge in such an attempt to tarnish the image of a dedicated and committed officer and such nefarious activities may demoralize officers who are working very hard for - the State and the people. The Association further urges the Government to trace the identities of such fictitious reporter before resorting to any action.

In the better interest of the society the KAOT further request the concerned people to desist from such activities as they are not in the interest of society at large. The KAOT also requests the respected press not to give credence to such propaganda by publishing pseudonymous letters in the newspapers without verifying the authors since for the common man whatever is published in the newspapers are taken as gospel truth and affects the lives of the people whose names are so tarnished.

Dr K Chuba, President, Kohima Ao Officer Telongjem