Wati Aier
I overheard someone saying that if a “rattlesnake is cornered it will become so angry that it will bite itself.” This is exactly what harboring of resentments does—hate, anger, bitterness and rage against others is, a biting of oneself and this is the most intensified harm done to oneself. In the process, it causes havoc to oneself, family, community, and even in the political spheres.
Resentments not only hamper the spiritual vision blurring ones inner life, but it also literally blurrs and dims the physical vision about the “others” and the world.  To put it simply, one can become “BLIND WITH RAGE.” As poet Dante put it, “The wrathful (angry person) travel in a cloud”—a cloud of colored views, of pure perception, and of justification. The end product leads to becoming a victim of ones own making. Those who hold resentments and anger see the world crooked and truncated. This is to say, ones outlook on life and the world-view are distorted because ones inner condition is out-of-joint through resentments.
Structurally we are created for a positive will—for a Christian way of seeking repentance, and forgivenss, coupled with justice and mercy of which the outcome is a birth of a “child called reconciliation.” When we try the other way—the negative way, the harmony of life breaks down and manifests so badly that we become exhausted and ineffective.
Historically, during the Ming Dynasty, China was technologically far more advanced and innovative than Europe and the medieval world in general. Chinese inventions included “canal lock gates, cast iron, deep drilling, efficient animal harnesses, gunpowder, kites, magnetic compasses, moveable type, porcelain, printing, sternpost rudders, and wheelbarrows.” (Jared Diamond: Guns, Germs and Steel.  p. 253). But due to a sudden policy reversal by its leaders, China became one of the most impoverished and exploited nation on earth for over four centuries.
Our sudden policy reversal due to resentments may very well impede and anniliate our own future and generations to follow. As China was chuckled at, by the rest of the world, by our resentments, the world may very well applaud at our brankruptcy of will to move beyond the present state of narcissism.
To be more pointed, today we can harness what is best for the Nagas. The table of possibilites is before us. Should we let resentments limit and obstruct our future and be chuckled at, by others? Can we let our posterity curse us or as created man and woman of God channel our freedom for a positive will? Let us not dismiss with a flip after all is said, that the “political issue” is different and it has nothing to do with psychological and other issues of life or that Christian spirituality is purely a personal issue. Personal dimension of faith without the corporate is anathema.
Finally, this is what the Bible has to say, “But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these, anger, rage, malice, slander and filthy language from your lips.” Col. 3:8 (NIV).

(Wati Aier is the Convener of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation and the above write-up is A short homily and should be read as a personal opinion of the writer)