Rs 50,000 compensation to beggar dumped in garbage

PANAJI, January 15 (PTI): The National Human Rights Commission has recommended Rs 50,000 compensation to a 47-year-old beggar who was dumped into a garbage bin by the Goa police in 2009. The order which came on January 10, after NHRC went through the details of the case, said the compensation amount be recovered from salary of the guilty policemen.
Shelton Messierhas who had taken a shelter in the city market was dumped into garbage by the police control room van on June 2, 2009 after an influential businessman complained against him. The complainant had said that the disabled beggar , who was also ill, was a nuisance for his business. The Commission has asked the Goa government to take active steps to rehabilitate Messier and submit the proof of payment along with the rehabilitation report.
The state government has also been asked to file compliance report by February 19, 2011. Police inquiry had revealed that head constable P Mhamal and police driver R R Tamse had lifted the beggar and thrown him into the shabby place. Local social activists had complained about the incident to high ranking police officials, who had initiated inquiry into the matter.