SAPO expresses shock over Teisovi’s murder

We are shock to learn that some criminals had murdered Late Teisovi of Mima Village on 8th March 2006 near Bypass. According to reliable source of information, late Teisovi was abducted on the same day by three person viz. Mr. Vizotha Puro, Mr. Vikhotha and Mr. Vilalhoulie Rupreo, and stoned  him to death near Bypass. It is also learnt that the deceased wife Mrs. Nukhoselu gave the money to Mr. Kabou Kobukotso to engage people to murder the deceased and subsequently Mr. Kobou Kokukotso engaged and paid the three persons named above to murder the deceased.

The reason being that Mrs. Nukhoselu was having extra marital love affair with Mr. Kobu Kobukotso and out of her lust went to the extend of killing her own husband, which is a disgrace to the dignity and integrity of womenfolk in general. The deceased and Mrs. Nukhoselu have eight children through their wedlock and it is beyond human level of imagination and reasoning how she could think of killing her husband even without seeking for divorce which is at her liberty should she prefer to live with any person other than the deceased. Her act is against civil society and also against the Christian principles. Therefore, womenfolk in particular and public in general should condemn this inhuman act and behaviour out rightly.

Man’s life is invaluable, as such, money cannot buy life nor take life, it is a clear case of criminal intention which was pre planned to victimize an innocent person in the form of cheap business. We are deeply hurt on coming to know the series of event which let to the death of our brother Late Teisovi and in the manner in which he was killed.

This very act of the accused person is a great insult to the people of Southern Angami which cannot be digested in any form. Therefore, every right thinking citizen should stand together and fight against this inhuman act. We strongly condemn these anti social activities.

We are really painful that the deceased was killed at the hands of these criminals for no fault of him and the accused persons deserve maximum punishment as their existence itself is detrimental to the society at large.

We appeal to the authority to deliver justice by awarding the persons involved with the highest degree of punishment in accordance with the provision of prevailing law of the land.

Phelukhwe Kirha, President
Vitsorel Lcho, Press Secretary
Southern Angami Public Organization