SC can bring back black money stashed abroad: LK Advani

New Delhi, January 16 (PTI): Senior BJP leader LK Advani on Sunday pinned all his hopes on the Supreme Court to bring back black money stashed in foreign countries and said it will earn the apex court “lasting gratitude” of the people. “The country expects the Supreme Court to pursue this matter to its logical end. USD 462 billion is a huge amount. which is wealth that can bring about a miraculous metamorphosis in Indian conditions,” Advani said referring to the recent admonishment of the apex court to the government for not disclosing the names of people whose money is stashed abroad.
In his latest blog posting, the BJP veteran said by pursuing the matter, the Supreme Court will “earn the lasting gratitude of the Indian people by forcing Government to bring back all this wealth.” Hoping that the apex court will take steps to bring back the black money, he appreciated the role of the judiciary during Emergency and said it was the only institution which showed “guts” against the Indira Gandhi Government. “When in the seventies, democracy became imperilled, Parliament let down the people. So did the media. It was only the judiciary that showed guts,” he posted.