Sensei T. Sangtam, conferred the 4th dan by WKF

Sensei T. Sangtam , being felicitated by members of the Karate-Do Association Nagaland on being conferred the 4th dan by the World Karate Federation (WKF).
Dimapur, March 16 (MExN): Karate do Association Nagaland (KAN) informs that Sensei T. Sangtam, technical director of the association has being conferred the 4th dan by the World Karate Federation (WKF). Sensei T. Sangtam is the first WKF dan grade holder in the state and one of the very few from the north east. He is also the first Karateka from Nagaland to pass the official test of all India Karate - Do Federation for both Kumite (sparring) and Kata (forms) during the visit of the Asian Karate Federation, Referee council chairman, Lim Chee Jin during the month of January 2011 at Chennai.
During the felicitation program organized by the Association in his honour, Sensei T Sangtam stated that, this recognition by WKF has surely included Nagaland Karate in the Map/Chart of the world body and encouraged the youngsters to follow his footsteps and try to participate in the National and International events. He also acknowledged the guidance from Sensei Mutum Bankim singh, the style chief of ISKF India and the encouragement from the Association for being able to participate in the test.
He further explains that, personally, for him Karate is not for medals but an essential ingredient for good health. Martial arts are also defined as martial science, where the practitioner trains to attain both physical and mental development. Karate means “empty hands” and it begins with a bow (Rei) and ends with a bow, which indicates that discipline is the basics of the art. The real training of martial art is not for fighting but to prevent fighting. “We the tribal of the North east are naturally talented in the field of the martial Art, but we regretfully lack commitment and continuity to perfect our trainings. It has been observed that a student who performs well in his trainings definitely is better in his studies also, this is because, physical trainings require absolute concentration without which he/she cannot become a good martial artist,” he said and added that constant concentrated trainings improve the concentration power which ultimately helps the student in his studies.
Sensei Mutum Bankim singh, chief of ISKF India, expressed Sensei T. Sangtam as the Karate king of Nagaland and that Karate - Do Association of Nagaland (KAN) unlike other  States of North - East, is blessed to have a 4th Dan WKF certified person as the technical Director of the Association. Every Karateka in the State is expected to follow his example and laurels for the State and country.
The association also informs that there will be a state level selection for the weight categories between 25-70 kgs on March 22 at Dimapur for the up coming northeast games to be held at Arunachal Pradesh in the month of April so interested Karatekas are requested to make their own arrangement for lodging and fooding. This is also to inform all the affiliated schools to submit yearly renewal fee before the selection. For further information please contact 9436002177/9856712640.