Shameless slaves of money

Dr Asangba Tzudir

Clean Election, with all its dignity is struggling to solidify within the so many challenges. An integral aspect to the idea of Clean Election also encompasses ‘clean candidate’ and without which the very idea of Clean Election and the larger objectives, though not altogether, becomes meaningless. 

One may define a clean candidate by way of passing moral judgments based on various parameters. However, the reality of the context is such that it is hardly about the ‘clean-ness’ of the candidate but on a very shallow understanding of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and whether one is ‘politically capable’ in going beyond the ‘norm.’ 

Looking at the candidates who have already filed nominations, except for some new candidates entering into the fray the rest are the known old ones and the only change being the changed party colour. As such the only question of interest is whether they will bring something new if they come again to ‘power.’  

Considering the reality of the sickening ‘Naga condition’ today, the general chorus would be a hope in anticipation for something new and good for all. However, with so many reasons for which one votes, the question rather is what each of the 13,09,651 voters is going to vote for? 

There are various obvious reasons for which people vote and one wonders how many cleanly exercise their right with the hope that something new will come, a new tomorrow that offers quality life especially for the youths and the upcoming generations. Submerged within the many reasons is the vote for a better tomorrow. One would make a very difficult wish that all the voters vote cleanly with the hope for a better tomorrow. 

At this crucial juncture in the lead-up to the elections, nominations are now done and it is no more about choosing the right and clean leader as part of the clean election process. The question of ‘who’ to vote for has become a very costly affair where money seems to have become the only way out to lure voters. There are other alternatives, but being captivated by money other alternatives hardly matter. 

Sad to say but to put it in general terms, we have become SHAMELESS slaves of money. Can we even think of a condition of the mind where the mind is no more conscious of the various ills associated in the electioneering process and the mind thinks only about voting for a better tomorrow, of quality life without having sold off one’s right? 

While the cost of living is only becoming higher and costlier, it suffices to say that we are a part in the making of such a tragic comedy where we are ‘forced’ to be ‘tolerant’ to the so many ills in the society.  Until the time when we learn to unshackle the chains that has enslaved the shameless souls, the idea of a better tomorrow or a quality life will continue to be elusive.

It is time to be intolerant to the many ills, and to vote clean without selling oneself for money will be a good starter.    

(Dr Asangba Tzudir contributes a weekly guest editorial to The Morung Express. Comments can be emailed to [email protected]