State NCP castigate govt’s “No Work No Pay” policy

Dimapur, August 12 (MExN): Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Nagaland unit has castigated the DAN government for failing to implement it’s “No work no pay” policy against erring and truant government employees. “Why cannot the state government implement its own policy both in letter and spirit?” asked Nagaland state NCP president, and secretary general NCP (North East) during a recent visit to government offices in Jalukie and Peren.   

During the NCP leader’s visit to offices on a working day, it was observed that a couple of departmental offices were under lock and key. While in some offices which were opened, not a single staff could be found. Interestingly, during a visit to a department office in Peren town, the front room of the office was used by villagers as transit point to store and ferry their vegetables and other products. Apart from a rooster kept by some villagers and which was startled by the visiting team, there was not a single soul in the whole office building.

Besides the poor attendance of employees, the dilapidated buildings and furniture and messy piling up of files in many offices spoke volumes of the work culture and dedication of government officers and subordinate staffs. “Can the government deliver the goods to the people in this manner? How can the public, especially villagers, hope to get their works done in these empty offices?” Ndang told accompanying media persons.

The NCP leader also alleged that some officers do not care to even attend the monthly District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) meetings or accompany ministers on tours. Quoting chief minister Neiphiu Rio’s comment that “officers are the backbone of the government”, Ndang however said that the “backbones of the government are seldom available in their place of posting.”

“The truancy of government employees is common in many districts, especially remote and backward districts. Many attend office only on pay days or red-letter days”, he added. The NCP leader asked whether the people should vote such a government to power again. Calling for change, Ndang appealed to the people in general to join hands with the NCP with its slogan of “Change Nagaland” to bring transparency and good governance.