Staying outside and stranded? Nagaland Govt has a ‘rescue’ plan


A collage of screenshots from the ‘I am stranded | I am staying outside’ portal hosted by 


Morung Express News
Dimapur | April 15


In a novel initiative, the Government of Nagaland has came up with an online platform to assist Nagas stranded or staying outside the State during the period of the nationwide lockdown.


Titled ‘I am stranded | I am staying outside, the platform hosted by state government official website ( promises to assist those outside the state to get access to essential commodities and accommodation.


 “This platform has been built to connect all Nagas living outside the state of Nagaland and in need of assistance due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” a disclaimer informed. 


“We would like to hear your concerns and provide help and assistance where possible. Posting on this site does not guarantee any help but we will make our utmost attempt to reach out to your needs,” it said. 


“We will try to see possible options to see the nearest centres from where you can be helped at the earliest,” it added. 


There are four categories of assistance namely: Health & Medicine, Food & Supplies, Accommodation and Financial Assistance. 


To access the services in each category, the user has to enter their name, location as well as a contact number. 


For instance, the category for Food & Supplies reads: “Are you running out of Essential Supplies, click here and we might able to help you out,” and the user has to fill out certain details. 


The same goes for those “running out of life-saving drugs or need special medication or advice” under medical assistance. 


If one is travelling and finding difficulty in finding a place to stay, the category given is Accommodation.


The Financial Assistance is for those who are stranded “in need financial help because of the lockdown.”


Besides, factual information on COVID-1 status in the state, India and the world, the platform has also important links to Chief Minister Relief Fund; Health & Family Welfare, Nagaland; and Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority as well as State COVID-19 Helpline numbers. 


Check the platform here