Surrender to God is the solution for Nagas

Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

We Naga people have to realize that various opinions of the people irrespective of professions cannot bring about solution to our problems except we surrender to God and commit all things into His hand. Unless we do so, all efforts we think best will be a failure and our people will continue to suffer endlessly.

In the struggle for Naga independence, we have a horrible past. The Nagas stood for their right and thousands of people laid down their lives, countless of people had suffered and losses of properties were beyond description. In the first decades, the people suffered because of Army operation and administrative crack down of undergrounds. But in the later decades our people were divided and each group is the enemy of the other and killing one another took place. As such the people fear one another and in the name of fighting for political freedom, our people are enslaved by ourselves.

The practices of enmity among the national workers are for gaining upper hand, controlling the areas for any advantage, retaliation and prestige. So it is not for the cause of the Nagas but for the cause of their own organizations. There are now five National Governments and each Government has to have annual budget knowing that financial source is from the public and Government employees. So the visit of the National workers to offices, commercial centres and the homes of rich people are considered as nightmare. In the mean time the ranks and files of the organizations are suffering because of non-payment of their fixed salaries.

Factional conflict among the Nagas is not a matter of several years but it lasted for more than 30 years in a Christian State which is the greatest shame and stumbling block before the world and most gross sin before God. It is as if the house of the Nagas is on fire and the inmates are being suffocated in smoke. All of the sober Nagas irrespective of the general public or the national workers who have real love for the people and who really know God have to be concerned about the shame and suffering of the Nagas instead of insisting for self-justification and prestige. We all are held responsible for the prolonged imbroglio. The national workers alone cannot be blamed because seeking of truth and justice among the public is found lacking.

Regarding the political talk for settlement, it is the primary goal of the movement. In the later stage the sincerity of the Government of India is questionable. But there is no question of discouragement because the destiny of the Nagas is in the hand of the Creator of the heaven and the earth. The fate of the Nagas depends on the Nagas themselves. It depends on whether or not the Nagas have relationship with God. Having relationship with God is obedient to human ethics towards God, “Know God, Believe in Him, Fear Him and Obey Him.” By having relationship with God alone humankind can have peaceful life and peace with one another because nearest to God is nearest to His perfect characteristics which characterize self-sacrifice for the good of humankind. Do you have the right relationship with God? If you don’t have relationship with God, you are wasting your time in vain.
The problem is beyond our power and comprehension but we all can do one thing. We all can surrender ourselves to God, we all can turn away from sins, we all can commit everything into the hand of God and we all can pray. Then He will listen to our prayer. (II Chronicles 7:14). God’s intervention is our victory and God can intervene only in our obedience to Him. So acknowledge the universal human ethics towards God “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM” and do anything basing on it. Then whatever we do will be valuable to God and to fellow men and women. This is the only and sure way of solution to our problems.

A letter of appreciation from United Nations on the law of relationship with God which is human ethics towards God, “On behalf of the Secretary General, thank you … thank you again for your good thoughts for the United Nations Secretary General and for your continued belief in the work and goals of the Organization.”