COVID-19 fatalities

  • Mutated coronavirus strain found in Indonesia as cases jump
    JAKARTA, August 30 (Reuters): A more infectious mutation of the new coronavirus has been found in Indonesia, the Jakarta-based Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology said on Sunday, as the Southeast Asian country's caseload surges. Indonesia reported 2,858 new infections on Sunday, data by the health ministry showed, below the previous day's record 3,308 but above the past month's daily average. Its total number of cases was 172,053, with 7,343 COVID-19 fatalities.
  • Indonesia's hundreds of suspected child virus deaths highlight danger
    JAKARTA, June 11 (Reuters): Hundreds of children in Indonesia are believed to have died from COVID-19, giving the Southeast Asian country one of the world's highest rates of child deaths from the novel coronavirus that experts around the world say poses little danger to the young.   Paediatricians and health officials in the world’s fourth most populous country said the high number of child deaths from a disease that mostly kills the elderly was due to un
  • Brazil must publish COVID-19 data in full, says Supreme Court justice
    BRASILIA, June 9 (Reuters): Brazil's top court waded into the controversy surrounding official reporting of coronavirus death and infection rates, as a Supreme Court justice ruled the Health Ministry must revert to releasing the full set of data it had previously made available.   Over the weekend, the Health Ministry abruptly removed troves of detailed coronavirus data and said it would no longer publish cumulative totals, causing outrage across the political spect
  • Deaths jump in Brazil's indigenous tribes as virus spreads
    BRASILIA/SAO PAULO, June 5 (Reuters): Coronavirus is spreading fast through Brazil's indigenous populations, with deaths caused by the disease increasing more than five-fold in the past month, according to data collected by a national association of first peoples.   Many epidemiologists had hoped remote locations might protect the tribes, but the virus, which first took hold in Brazil's cosmopolitan state capitals of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is increasingly
  • COVID-19 crisis shakes Brazil, but Bolsonaro keeps impeachment at bay
    BRASILIA, June 5 (Reuters): One of the world's worst coronavirus outbreaks, a paralyzed economy sending investors fleeing for the exit, and accusations that he has undermined Brazil's young democracy have not loosened President Jair Bolsonaro's grip on power.   As of Thursday, Brazil had nearly 615,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, second only to the United States. With 34,021 COVID-19 fatalities, its death toll overtook Italy's.   Across the p