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  • Petrol, diesel prices unchanged for third day
    NEW DELHI, JULY 29 (IANS): With global oil market stable for the past few days, consumers in India were spared an increase in prices of auto fuels for the third consecutive day on Wednesday. Oil companies kept petrol and diesel prices unchanged, taking global cues wherein benchmark crude oil prices have remained static around $43 a barrel for past few days. In Delhi, diesel continues to be priced at Rs 81.94 a litre while petrol's steady run continued for the 29th straight da
  • Petrol, diesel prices unchanged after 21-day hike
    New Delhi, June 28 (IANS): In a big relief for the common man, the continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices came to a halt on Sunday.   Fuel prices across the metros were unchanged for the first time after price hikes for 21 consecutive days. Petrol prices, however, were unchanged for a day during this 21-day period after the daily revision based on dynamic pricing was reinstated.   In the national capital, petrol price was unchanged at Rs 80.38 per litre on Su