• Loss of soldiers at LAC deeply disturbing: Rajnath Singh
    New Delhi, June 17 (IANS) Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Wednesday that the loss of soldiers in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh at the Line of Actual Control was "deeply disturbing and painful."   India lost 20 of its soldiers, including an officer, during a violent attack carried out by the Chinese People's Liberation Army on Monday night.   He said that Indian soldiers displayed exemplary courage and valour in the line of duty and s
  • Indian soldiers were outnumbered 1:5 during Galwan clashes
    New Delhi, June 17 (IANS) Indian Army troopers were outnumbered by 1:5 when they came under attack from the Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers at patrolling point number 14 in Galwan Valley on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh.   "We were outnumbered," admitted an Indian Army officer, talking about the clash on the ridge near the Galwan river that went on for six to seven hours.   China's PLA troopers "savagely attacked&quo
  • An entire Indian Army's Company was trapped by Chinese PLA
    New Delhi, June 17 (IANS) Around 120 Indian soldiers, almost an entire company, was trapped and encircled by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and followed by savage and deceptive attacks, many to a point of mutilation, on Monday night, sources said.   Pointing firearms on their faces, the Chinese PLA brutally tortured some Indian soldiers to death, sources further revealed, adding that the Indian soldiers were helpless with the government directions of not to u
  • Anti-China protests: Siliguri's Hong Kong market to change name
    Kolkata, June 17 (IANS) Amid anti-China protests in various districts of north Bengal, shop owners in Siliguri's popular Hong Kong market on Wednesday decided to change its name and stop selling Chinese products in the entire market.   "We have decided to change the name of Hong Kong market. We will also stop selling 'made in China items' in our market. If we sell local products, they will be more cost-effective for the buyers as there will be no duty charge
  • China sends mixed signals to India over border stand-off
    New Delhi/Beijing, June 17 (IANS) China on Wednesday continued to send mixed signals with its support for peaceful resolution of the stand-off in Ladakh on the one hand, and laying claim in the Galwan valley on the other.   The Foreign Ministry spokesman in Beijing, Zhao Lijian, told reporters on Wednesday that both China and India "agree to resolve this matter through dialogue and consultation and make efforts to eases the situation and safeguard peace and tranquillity
  • Chinese casualties in single digits so far
    New Delhi, June 17 (IANS) Chinese Peoples Liberation Army has suffered casualties in single digits so far during their brutal attack on Indian Army personnel at Galwan valley at the Line of Actual Control that has so far killed 20 Indian soldiers, sources said. "Their casualties are as low and in single digits so far," sources told IANS. The Chinese outnumbered Indian soldiers 1:5 at the ridge by the Galwan river where the clashes took place for six to seven hours on Mon
  • Modi warns China: India capable of giving a befitting reply
    New Delhi, June 17 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday sent out a clear signal on the India-China stand-off that resulted in the killing of 20 Indian soldiers, saying India won't tolerate any misadventures when it comes to defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity.   It was PM's first statement after the bloodbath at the LAC two days back. He was addressing the Chief Ministers and UTs over the handling of the pandemic. He began by urging everyo
  • India, China troops clash at Himalayan border, 'casualties on both sides'
    NEW DELHI/SRINAGAR, June 16 (Reuters):  India's army said on Tuesday 20 of its soldiers had been killed in clashes with Chinese troops at a disputed border site, in a major escalation of a weeks-long standoff between the two Asian giants in the western Himalayas.   China's foreign ministry confirmed there had been a "violent physical confrontation" on Monday in the border area. It made no mention of casualties but India's foreign ministry said
  • China tried to unilaterally change status quo in Ladakh, casualties on both sides: MEA
    June 16, New Delhi (IANS): India on Tuesday hit out at China for unilaterally attempting to change the status quo along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh, which led to the killings of troops of both the countries in a violent clash on Monday night.   The Ministry of External Affairs' official spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said that on Monday late-evening, a violent face-off erupted between the two sides because of "an attempt by the Chinese side to
  • 20 Indian soldiers killed in Galwan Valley standoff, toll may rise
    New Delhi, June 16 (IANS): Twenty Indian Army men, including officers, were killed in an unprecedented violent clash with Chinese People's Liberation Army troops at Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh on Monday night, the Indian Army said on Tuesday.   Sources said that the death toll is likely to go up as many soldiers have been brutally injured.   Indian Army issued a statement on Tuesday night wherein it said, "17 Indian troops who were critically injured
  • China justifies censorship of information about casualties in Ladakh clash
    NEW DELHI, JUNE 16 (IANS): China justified the censorship about the casualties of its troops suffered in a violent clash with Indian soldiers along the Line of Actual Control in Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh on Monday night, arguing that it was a goodwill gesture from Beijing.   An unspecified number of Chinese troops were killed on Monday night in clashes with Indian soldiers along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh where both sides have been locked in a f
  • Officer, 2 soldiers killed in clash with PLA; casualties on both sides
    This is the first such incident along the border with China that Indian armed forces personnel have been killed after a gap of nearly 45 years.    New Delhi, June 16 (PTI): An Indian Army officer and two soldiers were killed during a violent confrontation with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh on Monday night, the first such incident in the last 45 years that reflected massive escalation in the five-week border row.   The army said India l