• Mexico launches raids after assassination attempt of police chief
    Mexico City, June 28 (IANS): Mexican authorities have carried out a series of raids while investigating the attempted assassination of the capital city's police chief, according to local media.   Twenty-eight people attacked Omar Garcia Harfuch's armoured vehicle at dawn on Friday on Paseo de la Reforma, a boulevard that leads to the Mexico City's exclusive Lomas de Chapultepec neighbourhood, home to various embassies and mansions, the BBC reported.  
  • Armed attacks in Mexico's Sinaloa state leave 16 dead
    CULIACAN, Mexico, June 26 (Reuters): Two armed attacks in the violence-plagued western Mexican state of Sinaloa, home of notorious drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, have left 16 people dead, the head of the state's public security ministry said on Thursday.   Security forces found the bodies of seven supposed cartel hitmen on a dirt road, strewn next to a bullet-riddled pickup truck, apparent victims of a shootout.   "There are seven bod
  • As Mexico focuses on coronavirus, drug gang violence rises
    MEXICO CITY/ACAPULCO, Mexico, June 18 (Reuters): The coronavirus is threatening to hamstring Mexico's fight against some of its most vicious drug gangs, as police and officials fall sick, security forces are diverted to guard medical centers and military barracks are converted to COVID-19 clinics.   The powerful Jalisco cartel and its rivals are exploiting a security void to step up the fight for control of the drug trade in Mexico, security officials and analysts s
  • Ten shot dead in attack on Mexican drug rehabilitation centre
    MEXICO CITY, June 7 (Reuters): Ten men were killed on Saturday when gunmen opened fire on a drugs rehabilitation centre in the Mexican city of Irapuato, the government of Guanajuato state said.   Guanajuato, a region in central Mexico, has become one of the principal flashpoints of surging gang violence which President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised to quell.   But despite lockdown measures imposed to combat the coronavirus outbreak, homicides conti
  • 'This is not New York': Mexico president defends coronavirus response
    MEXICO CITY, June 4 (Reuters): Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador defended his government's handling of the coronavirus on Thursday after official data showed new deaths for a 24-hour period surging to an all-time high.   The health ministry reported 1,092 new deaths on Wednesday, more than double the previous daily record, pushing Mexico's daily death toll past the United States for the first time since the outbreak started. Officials attributed the
  • Oldest and largest ancient Maya structure found in Mexico
    WASHINGTON, June 3 (Reuters): Scientists using an aerial remote-sensing method have discovered the largest and oldest-known structure built by the ancient Maya civilization - a colossal rectangular elevated platform built between 1,000 and 800 BC in Mexico's Tabasco state.   The structure, unlike the soaring Maya pyramids at cities like Tikal in Guatemala and Palenque in Mexico erected some 1,500 years later, was not built of stone but rather of clay and earth, and
  • Mexico walks back campaign against domestic violence after backlash
    MEXICO CITY, May 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation): A top Mexican official on Wednesday said a new campaign against domestic violence would be revised after the video ads sparked strong public opposition from critics who claimed it misrepresented the growing problem.   The initial campaign showed images of men and children, but no women, as potential victims, and one woman was shown as an aggressor, sparking criticism from activists and opposition politicians who said fem
  • 300 unmarked graves for COVID-19 victims dug in Mexico
    MEXICO CITY, MAY 24 (IANS): The government in Mexico's Guerrero state has created 300 unmarked graves in the coastal city of Acapulco, as cemeteries and crematoriums reached the limit of their capacity.   The Acapulco City Council began excavation in one of the municipal cemeteries for burials by COVID-19, Mayor Adela Roman said on Saturday.   "Of the two incineration centres that we have in the port, one of them is becoming saturated and there is no long