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  • Newspapers in collective fight against COVID-19 pandemic
    COVID-19 impact on newspaper industry in Nagaland- Part III Morung Express News Dimapur | August 9 Among the catastrophic effects the COVID-19 pandemic has left in its wake, misinformation and fake news seem to be one of the major challenges faced by newspapers all over the world. In Nagaland, the scenario is no different. In this three-part series, The Morung Express has attempted to explore the way the pandemic has left newspapers in Nagaland trying to stay afloat financ
  • Nagaland: Newspaper economy in deep crisis
    COVID-19 impact on newspaper industry in Nagaland- Part II    Ashikho Pfuzhe Dimapur | August 7 Media organizations across the globe depend on the income generated through its circulation and advertisements. With the dwindling economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, newspaper offices in Nagaland are also going through a great share of struggle as it has adversely affected its income generating activities. Times are really grim for the media houses and one of the adding