Tenure of present ENSF team extended

Our Correspondent
Kiphire | July 13 

In a drastic development of the Eastern Naga Students Federation the Federal assembly has unanimously decided to extend the term of the present incumbent ENSF office bearers for another three month owing to the ultimatum served by the Eastern Nagaland People Organisation to the Government of India on separate statehood ‘Frontier Nagaland’ which is to be expired on 9th August 2012. As per federal assembly the Speaker and Secretary ENSF Throngso Yimchunger, and Toshi Chang using the power of its ENSF constitution under article 5 b (ii) issued this order which will be in effect for all the future functioning of the ENSF. 

The order was also signed by the President ENSF Hawang T. Wangsha, Changsang Soted General Secretary and its federating unit President Hongkin Chang President CCSU, Likhumba President USSC, Mehthna Konyak President KSU, Chaupong Phom President PSU, Throngshe Yim President YAA, and Chongta Khiam President KSU. It also stated that the nomination committee which was appointed as per ENSF constitution has been declared ‘null and void’ and the filing of nomination of the candidates for new office bearers also stand ‘nullified’ the federal assembly stated.