Terrorism - A threat to mankind

Today, the whole world is facing the problem of terrorism. Every morning we come across news about violence in the community. Terrorism is a criminal act committed with an intention to cause destruction or death with the sole purpose of achieving their main agenda. A UN panel has stated , "terrorism as any act intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non- combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organization to do or abstain from doing any act". Terrorism is an act, which seeks to create fear in the minds of the common ordinary people through unwanted forces. Forces such as spreading violence, riots, burglaries, rapes, kidnappings, fightings, bomb explosion, wars, high-jacking of aeroplane etc. Every morning newspapers are filled with stories about murder of eminent politicians ,sometimes it’s about kidnappings or bombings in sacred places, markets or places of institutions for the purpose of their just or unjust demands. High-jacking of aeroplane, carrying out suicide attacks and explosive bombings have become common practices committed by terrorists. Their intention is to seek attention of the National Government and the world community about a certain demand by causing harm and destruction to the peaceful existence of a community.

Thousands of lives have ended because of the cowardice act of numerous terrors. They carry out attacks and violence for political gain and to destabilize the existing government. The acts of terrorism had become a global problem causing massive destructions. The terror attack in Taj Mahal Hotel and Nariman House in Mumbai in 2008, the Bombay bombings of 1993, the 2001 Indian Parliament attack, the Pulwama attack in 2019,  the Jaipur bombings in 2008, the Mumbai serial blasts in 1993, Coimbatore bombing 1998, Delhi serial bomb blast 2005, 2008 Assam bombings, the historic Twin Tower attack of 9/11, Mosul 2014, Tikrit attack, Iraq 2014, Easter bombing in Sri Lanka 2019, the Afghan-Taliban war, etc., proved that the world has been suffering under these heinous acts ofterrorism for decades. Many attempts have been made in trying to eliminate terrorism but has proven to be unsuccessful. 

 Production of large quantities of machines guns, nuclear weapons, rapid population explosion, political issues, social and economic problems, creation of missiles, dissatisfaction of government rules, religious issues, lack of proper education, racism, corruption etc has contributed enormously to the growth of terrorism.Terrorism has spread fear in the minds of the people living across all over the world. Due to the terror attack, thousands and thousands of goods are destroyed, thousands of innocent souls are lost, it has also led to the occurrence of famine,  has caused severe environmental degradation, gave birth and increase the rate of disease and illness,  has increased the destruction of the existence of flora and fauna, has raised disbelief and distrust among humanity.

The terrorists call themselves brave soldiers but they are not. Real soldiers are those who never hurt the public or cause violence or go against the rule of the land and respect the motherland. They fight for the constitution, for the motherland and obey the rights ,duties and obligations of the land and fulfill the purpose of the nation. Terrorrism is a frightening disease which is affecting the common public mentally and intellectually. Terrorism has no rule or laws.."Terrorism is the greatest threat to mankind". Humanity does not exist for them neither do they have any love or compassion towards their friends, family, kids, women and old people. They are callous . They explode bombs, carry out shooting, have no fear in carrying out suicide attacks, hijack flights and carry out  violent terror activities.

Terrorism knows no boundaries, caste or creed. It has no human heart. They are human beings, but ones without  heart and soul. Terrorism does not follow any religious code of conduct. It does not belong to any religion. It only follows code of destruction and violence to destroy communal harmony and evokes fear in the minds of the innocent public. They are criminals and a threat to humanity, nations and to the world. It is  high time to eliminate terrorism. The need to remove terrorism is crucial as they are posing a dangerous threat to innocent lives. Fundings should not be provided to the terror groups. Combined forces should work together to eliminate terrorism from the grassroot level. Allegations under such terror acts should be prosecuted with severe punishment. The public, various organizations, governments etc., should try to convince the terrorists that spreading destruction is not the solution to problem. Ours is the country of Mahatma Gandhi, who chose the path of non-violence to fulfill his demands. So, we should all join hands together and try to eliminate terrorism and the root cause of it. 

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