(Dedicated to Mama Rose Maureen Wylie on her birthday)

A Anato Swu
Satakha town, Zunheboto

Fragrance that evokes memories precious
Fills the air purified by His breath gracious.
Sourced to the Rose blooming in a garden.
Unmindful of the stalk lithe and thorn laden.

Futile is an attempt to describe her beauty,
As she blooms away her purpose in gaiety.
Oh, that men would learn and speak of her
Ere their days and desires on Earth scatter.

Behold the unfolding of her fresh petals,
A magical mystery in the eyes of mortals,
As they open up to unravel their purpose
And to sunlight their scarlet face expose.

Season after season she blooms away
And with the gentle wind a merry sway.
As her fragrance spreads far and wide
To awaken hope where dreams reside.

Oh, inhale deeply her fragrance of love!
Invoke blessing for her from God above.
From other flower blooms a class apart;
She is the Rose that beautifies my heart.