‘They are Funny’

One Yato of the home affairs of Burmese-occupied Nagalim and one Pikuto of the ceasefire supervisory board (any intelligent Naga must be finding the nomenclature insulting, for the word “ceasefire” has no any relevance because the Khaplang group and the occupation Indian armed forces have always been peacefully sleeping and scheming together for decades) appear to be funny.

Firstly, they lied that Wangtin did not threaten me and, unexpectedly, they dragged in communalism by implicating the Tangkhuls. Every Naga is proud of his community and thus I am happy to be a Tangkhul, but what I say or do as an individual doesn’t warrant bringing the name of the whole community. So, don’t be proud of your “Quit Notice for Christ” culture, for sooner or later you will be penalized for the blasphemy.

Secondly, they said that Wangtin changed from good to bad. No wonder, he first publicly acknowledged Ato Kilonser Th Muivah as the Moses and then later on he pronounced himself and the K group as the Alpha and Omega. I wish to remind Wangtin that as a Christian he needs integrity.

Thirdly, as the members of the NSCN and the K group had been killing each other, if one is considered a terrorist group for such acts, the other cannot be different. Also, as long as the two groups hate each other and there exists a general decision to kill the members of the opposite group, the ranks and identities of the persons who carry out the orders are totally irrelevant. In other words, communalization is absolutely wrong.

Fourthly, as a believer in self-expression and knowing that I have the full liberty to say what I know is right for the Naga Nation, I see no reason why I should use the good names of the NISC and the NSG. (By the way why doesn’t the K group send a team to Europe and find out the existence of the NISC or ask its god-father RAW about this very honest all-Dutch human rights organisation? The Indian Embassy in the Hague knows the NISC very well. Actually I received a first-hand report that it offered fifty thousand American dollars to the NISC some time ago in order to obtain certain information about the NSCN from it, but sadly the Indian largesse was politely declined.) The truth is that most of the negative articles in the national papers of Nagalim and elsewhere are written by the Khaplang group and the Indian intelligence agencies using various local names etc. to enslave and destroy the Naga people and their invincible spirit of freedom.

Fifthly, will Chairman Khaplang kindly define the word “sovereignty” for us? Education Kilonser N Kitovi was rewarded and made Prime Minister of the Burmese-occupied Nagalim for imposing economic blockade against Zunheboto and doing absolutely nothing for the much-needed literary improvement of the lovely and innocent Eastern Nagas. So, was starving the Sumis is what you call sovereignty? Or sovereignty means letting Kilonser N Pamei in the Zeliangrong Region to push down the bus of 50 HSLC candidates, the pillars of the nation, who were heading towards the NBSE exam centre? Or sovereignty means terrorizing the NSF and warning its previous President Pushika Awomi that not only he would be killed but that his body would be chopped into pieces unless he stopped working enthusiastically for the Naga students’ welfare and the Naga people’s cause? Or issuing quit notices and wanton butchering of Naga patriots and unarmed civilians, and threatening Naga NGOs and hohos your sovereignty? Or does your sovereignty tell you to collaborate with all the enemies of the Naga people?

Sixthly, NSG (UK) is with those groups which are working for Naga unity and reconciliation.

Seventhly, my family members and myself alone supported my studies (Kilonser Q Tuccu, AG Tuba Thangal and Maj Railung were the finance officers when I was in Nagalim and Bangkok, and these gentlemen will surely tell that they did not pay a penny to me for my education). On the contrary, the Naga Nation owes me thousands of dollars for my dedicated services and the many years of hardship, hunger, and long period of deprivation I suffered from. Before joining the national movement, there were times when I was enjoying four salaries every month (as a hostel warden, Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School Director and school teacher in Ukhrul).

Eighthly, as to the question “With whose money you reached South Korea and married the Korean lady?” I hereby request the K group not to open its dirty mouth without proper verification. As my wife was working in a Korean company in Thailand, our marriage took place in Bangkok and much later we were sent to South Korea by the Collective Leadership and the Naga Nation to establish a support office there (the fact that the NSCN did not send even one dollar to me for three and a half years and my unsuccessful pleading to it to assist me with little financial help during my family move to Great Britain are of course altogether different extremely sad stories. Though even now I get nightmares when I think of those dark and hopeless years, it is true that the hardship revealed to me the love and care of our living God).

Lastly, I completely agree with the K group members that they are almighty kings, nay, gods in Burmese-occupied Nagalim. I am sure that, with crores of rupees extorted from the citizens of Indian-occupied Nagalim, no one is surprised to hear of their open but mostly well-hidden luxuries in Kathmandu, Asom and many other places. But remember that God will judge us all.

In His grace,

Professor Timothy Kaping
President, Naga Support Group (UK)