They think it's all over... it is now

Her ex-husband's love life has occupied much of the headlines recently thanks to his relationship with supermodel Liz Hurley. And it seems Simone Callahan has finally had enough of Shane Warne's escapades, moving out of the family home once and for all yesterday. The pretty 40-year-old was photographed packing up her belongings into boxes before leaving the £6million mansion she once shared with Warne.
Her departure comes just days after Warne was photographed kissing Hurley in the back of a car in Los Angeles. Warne and Callaghan split in 2006 but attempted a reconciliation last year. However, when details emerged of Warne and Hurley's relationship, the cricketer announced the end of the marriage. It's been a rocky year for Warne in the romance stakes.
After his relationship with Hurley broke, it was then claimed he had been sending flirty texts to another woman in Australia - causing Hurley to briefly end their dalliance. However, it seems the 45-year-old has decided to give her sportsman beau another try, and was seen arriving in Los Angeles earlier this month to meet up with Warne. Hurley then took to her Twitter page to gush wildly about how great her time in LA had been, writing: 'A great weekend. Best in a long, long time.....'
Witnesses told Mail Online the pair could barely keep their hands off one another as they enjoyed a lunch date with friends at the Casa Del Mar hotel in Santa Monica. They spent 90 minutes there before returning to their five-star hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Back in Australia, Shane meanwhile seemed unperturbed about going public with Liz, and joked with his old friend English rugby star Will Carling on Twitter, saying: '@willcarling anything in press recently I've missed ??? All seems quiet ... Hahaha.'
Hurley and Warne have also been indulging in some Twitter flirting now they are back to having a long-distance relationship as she is back in the UK and he is in Australia. Hurley initiated the conversation by telling Warne her new parrot Ping Pong 'would love to peck you-you'd be her first blonde.' Warne then replied: 'I think i want to hear more about ping pong ! Is he sweet ? Has he spoken yet or still sussing you out and pecking u ?'