Three-wheeler driver found dead, identified

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 4 (MExN): The identity of one autorickshaw driver, discovered dead on January 3 last was established today. The mortal remains of the deceased driver identified as one Baij Nath Sahani (28 years) was taken over by relatives from the district hospital morgue after conduct of autopsy on Tuesday, January 4.
Police on Monday last had recovered an unidentified corpse from somewhere between Sovima village and Singrijan, Dimapur. The discovery was carried in the local dailies subsequently.
According to acquaintances of late Sahani, he went to work as usual on January 2 last from his home and failed to return in the evening, alongwith the three-wheeler he was driving. Sahani was a resident of Lahorijan, Karbi Anglong and drove an autorickshaw in Dimapur, belonging to one Md. Kalam Khan.
The acquaintances told media persons at the district hospital morgue that the owner had also lodged an FIR with the Dimapur police about the missing driver and the vehicle he was driving, the next day.
Following the publication of the recovery of the corpse in the local dailies today, it was finally identified. The missing three-wheeler, he was last found driving is yet to be traced, however. This raises speculation that Sahani was murdered and the vehicle taken away. According to the news reports, quoting the police, dead was assumed to have been caused by an injury to the head resulting from a fall in an intoxicated state. The deceased bore a deep gash on the left side of the head.  

Autorickshaw drivers protest
Autorickshaw drivers of Dimapur, comprising of mostly non-Nagas, gathered outside the office of the Dimapur District Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union (DDADU) in the morning today, displaying black flags as a mark of protest against the suspected murder. According to one driver, they nearly went on strike but were talked out of it by the union’s executives. A DDADU executive though denied there was any protest of the kind. The union leader added they will let the authorities in concern do the investigation. It came with a caution, though, that they will be compelled to resort to further course of action, if nothing concrete comes up.