TNSA Appeals NSCN (U) to release Brid. Khamlong

We the Tangshang Naga students’ Association, thanks to NSCN (U) for their understanding and mercy act on Mr. Tela, a student, who was nab away with Brid. Khamlong (Kamnong) on Monday July 2012.  That should be a Christian’s attitude sticking on the Lord’s Name as we called it Nagaland for Christ.  That Nagaland for Christ does not means that, the land but the people who are living on that land because the land is belonging to people not people are belonging to the land. So, it is better we Naga stop fratricide and fraud among brethren. We Nagas should know that, the division is devil work, divided broken heart and purity is unity. So, let us love one another’s life and stand for the truth of our sovereignty right with one goal, one mind and one body.

Therefore, we the TNSA are appealing to NSCN (U) to kindly release Brid. Khamlong, who was arrested with that released student (Mr. Tela) on 9, July, 2012.  We hopefully requested to NSCU (U) to love khamlong’s life release him please and let your kindness be known to all Nagas as well as to God.

J. Mutu Muniak,
President TNSA
Convener TNSA