Tuensang: From Mask to Task

Moses Hongang Chang 


Tuensang district is one of the first to receive testing times of COVID-19 after positive cases in Nagaland.

Since Indian government and authorities declared lockdown, police of each state has been functioning on different levels with every new challenge.

Donning a chic moustache with a star and State Emblem on the shoulders of his khaki uniform, Superintendent of Police Tuensang, Bharat Laxman Markad (IPS) strolls while inspecting his jawans engaged on making face masks.

He and his team are making a four layered homemade mask and have made over 10000 till now. There are 14 Tuensang police personnel and two police tailors working daily for eight hours.

SP office has given around 5000 mouth masks to numerous departments like Special Branch, farmers, children’s home, fire and services, FCI Tuensang, villagers, street vendors, and general public.

The office has further stitched 1000 reusable face shields and around 200 PPEs which are reusable and are given to several frontline workers including medical teams. At the check gates of Tuensang district, medical team uses these PPEs for helping inter district movement, sanitizing and disinfecting.

Moreover, disinfectants are used for sanitization of family lines and offices with sodium hydrochloride on regular basis. Every shops and departments in Tuensang town are being marked with box systems to maintain strict social distancing. Tuensang Police headed by Markad has shown new face of police which is strict enforcer of law and simultaneously humane enough to serve its people.

SP is procuring vegetables from the secluded farmers on regular basis so that farmers don't face any losses during this hard time. These vegetables are later distributed free to the police families, needy public, frontline workers and children's home in Tuensang. He has made contribution for pork which is to be served at the quarantine centre inmates as immunity and proper nutritional diet is equally required to fight with COVID-19 pandemic.

Amid the pandemic situation the Tuensang police with collaboration of various NGOs like OSC, Tuensang regularly gives awareness and counselling on domestic violence or any familial issues. Fake rumours are strictly monitored and strict actions as per laws are taken swiftly. Recently, such a case was solved within 24 hours by SP office Tuensang.

With maintaining regular law and order duties and bringing the inmates from Dimapur and Kohima to Tuensang via escort services and providing security services to each quarantine centre is prioritized with motto of “Service and Safety”.