Vigilance to probe NCSU claim

Dimapur, July 13 (MExN): The Nagaland State Cabinet has decided to let the Vigilance Commission verify into claims of unpaid bills overdue to contractors and suppliers. Most startling is what the State government has said: the “liabilities” to the contractors amounting to Rs. 35.83 Crore have already been paid in fact. 

Also, in another decision, bogus teachers are now regularized. The two significant decisions were among five the Cabinet took on July 10 during a meeting in Kohima. The three other decisions the Cabinet took included creation of various categories of government posts in the Fire & Emergency Services and Evaluation department of Longleng, Kiphire and Peren; contribution of financial aid to Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for flood victims and enhancement of “state Government guarantee.”   

A copy for recorded minutes of the meeting was received here from the government today. 

The Cabinet discussed the demand for ‘payment/release of liabilities’ to Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers’ Union (NCSU). The union had demanded immediate release of their claimed liabilities amounting to Rs.35.83 crore, the government said. 

The government said – “As per records, the State government had released all the pending bills of NCSU members during the year 2009 and earlier years. Therefore, unless the claims of Rs.35.83 crore liabilities are properly verified, and found to be genuinely incurred as per the procedures laid down in Nagaland PWD code and as per the standing instructions of the State Government contained in Finance Department’s OM NO.FIN/EXPDR ‘A’/1-5/87 (Vol-1) dated 18th April, 2001, it would not be proper for the State Government to clear these claims.”

Therefore, the Cabinet said, all the claims “may first be verified by a special investigation team to be constituted by the Vigilance Commission, and only those claims found to be genuinely incurred as per laid down procedures and norms will be paid by the state government.”

The burden of proof of the claims being genuine will jointly rest on the claimant (contractors) and the officer who had issued the work order, and/or who had certified the claimed liabilities, the State said. “The SIT will take suo-motto action to register criminal case in the vigilance police station against any body found to be presenting a false claim, issuing unauthorized work orders in contravention of Nagaland PWD code or in contravention of the standing orders in the State government as contained in Finance Department’s OM NO.FIN/EXPDR ‘A’/1-5/87(Vol-1) dated 18th April, 2001, or found to be certifying a false statement/claims/bills etc…”

Concerning the case of bogus teachers, the Cabinet has “deliberated upon final verification report of bogus /doubtful teachers” and has decided to terminate the services of a mere 34 teachers “holding fake educational certificate” and the service of 70 bogus teachers who did not report for verification by Vigilance Commission. The Cabinet has decided to retain and regularize 869 “doubtful teachers” who were cleared by the Vigilance Commission. “The effective date of regularization will be the date of earlier cabinet decision, viz 1-4-2011 but salary payment except in the case of those who had continued drawing their salaries regularly, will be from 1-7-2012,” the State said. 

“The other 112 doubtful teachers…will be subject to further verification of their educational certificates by the Vigilance Commission.”

Further, the Cabinet has approved the proposal of the Planning & Coordination department for creation of 16 posts for the District Evaluation Offices in the newly created District of Longleng, Kiphire and Peren. The posts are 3 District Evaluation Officer, one Inspector, 3 each of “computer technical”, LDA-computer operator, driver and peon.  

Likewise, the Cabinet has approved the proposal of the Home department for creation of 84 posts for the newly created district headquarters of Kiphire, Longleng and Peren and for the Fire Station in Chumukedima under the Fire & Emergency Services. The posts are 4 Station Officer (Inspector) posts, 8 Asst. Station Officers, 12 Leading Firemen, 36 Firemen/Driver, 8 clerks, 4 sweepers, 8 watch room operators and 4 cooks/gardeners.    

Another agenda the Cabinet has decided on is to “appeal to all government employees through their respective heads of department to contribute one day salary to the chief minister’s relief fund for the purpose of giving relief to the victims of floods in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.”

The Cabinet also decided to appeal to the Naga civil Societies and the NGOs to contribute whatsoever they can contribute to the CM relief fund for the purpose.

“The donations from the district level may be collected by the deputy Commissioners for their respective districts, and submitted to the Home Department through the office of the Commissioner Nagaland, whereas the donations at the State and Directorate level will be submitted by the concerned HODs/NGOs to Home department,” the Cabinet stated.

The Cabinet has also approved the proposal of the Industries & Commerce Department for enhancement of State Government Guarantee by another Rs.500.00 lakhs over the existing Guarantee of Rs.1000.00 lakhs under the NMDFC scheme in favor of the NHHDC.