Virie: Winning hearts with soulful voice

Virie: Winning hearts with soulful voice
Virie: Winning hearts with soulful voice

Morung Express News

For those who have watched Virie's live performances, one is often left transfixed by the soulful voice taking the audience to a wistful world of Sad core and Indie. With a growing loyal fan base beyond Nagaland, Virie is no stranger in the Nagaland music scene.

She made her first social media appearance in a cover song of Lorde's Yellow Flicker Beat in 2014 which was followed by another cover song of Lana Del Rey's Video Games the same year, garnering praise, excellent reviews and a huge fan base.

If Virie is new to the music enthusiast, one cannot be blamed. The introvert singer has always kept things private. "I prefer doing it less. I'm very inward turning I should say. I don't usually share details continuously of my everyday life. Sometimes I'll just cut myself out of everything,” says Virie.

However, it is hard not to be enraptured by the artist: her humble demeanor, her soulful voice, her music and her songwriting, let alone her reserved introversion.


Drawing inspirations from genres i.e Sad core, Indie and Dream Pop and her favorite artists such as Lana del Rey, Lorde, Tove Lo, Sanam Puri and Khalid, Virie has already created a niche for herself with nine originals and collaborations including her newly released single 'Lost'. Her originals and collaborations include 'Silver lining Skies' (Virie feat. Polar lights), 'My summer' (Virie), 'Down that road (Virie and Zaza), 'Five minutes from now' (Virie and Zaza), 'Angels in Bethlehem' (Virie, Zaza and Shalo Kent), 'All I need' (feat Virie and Zaza by ViceVersa), 'Hills of Silence' (Ina feat Virie), 'Come with me' (Mozzey feat Virie and Zaza).

“I'm influenced and inspired by everything that's around me, my family, God, friends, loved one, nature. The songs I wrote so far are all about every little things that's around me,” shares Virie whose passion for singing began at a very young age during her Sunday school phase.

For many years, she did not pursue or keep in touch with music but during her masters, she began to develop her interest again. “I was always scared of the outside stage but it was in the year 2014 that I started practicing and gave so much effort. I finally decided to upload a cover song on YouTube and I was so overwhelmed by all the feedbacks. It boosted me up to make more music and I'm happy I've come this far sharing my story through my songs to places,” Virie reflects.

"I think every artist has gone through the same struggles for a long time in the past starting from of lack of opportunities and platforms,” says Virie.


However, with a new government and especially with the introduction of Task Force of Music and Arts, Virie shares optimism in the future of musicians in Nagaland. “Upcoming artistes and all renowned artistes are getting the privilege to participate in different shows which I really think will mould them and lift them to a greater height,” says Virie.

Written and composed by Virie, her latest release ,'Lost' is a about the struggles the artist went through in her life, Virie expresses that the song not only talks about the dark side, but instills emotions that better days are coming.  "So far I'm getting positive feedbacks and I'm grateful for it. It inspires me to keep making more music," affirms Virie.

The music video, choreographed by Percy Medo and Ethel Wangha, is directed by Sanen Kichu and Ase kuotsu. The video was mixed, mastered and produced by Mozzey Music. Released just four weeks ago, the single has already hit 93K likes on YouTube.

Besides music, Virie is a full time Tenyidie Teacher at Fernwood Higher Secondary School Kohima. “I've been in the teaching profession for seven years now. I’ve always been passionate about teaching at a very young age, and the same goes with music although my music journey started just a few years go. I love my job and I prioritise it, and as for music, I work on it and make use of it with all the time I get after work,” says Virie.


Difficult as it is, to balance both teaching and music, Virie remarks, “In the end both are what I love most and that's what keeps me moving.”