‘Votes of 25 GBs cannot be interpreted as majority’

Selected DDGBA office issues rejoinder

Dimapur, April 11 (MExN): The ‘Selected Dimapur District GBs Association (DDGBA) office’ on April 11 issued a rejoinder to the April 9 statement of the DDGBA regarding the election of members.

A press note appended by  General secretary Nieba Kesiezie and Information Secretary Luikang Namgi  stated that the Selections/ Search Committee with President GB Union Dimapur Sardar as Convernor in a majority decision has selected GB Longri Jamir to head the DDGBA as President, which was in accordance to NGBF Constitution article 8 as well as DDGBA Constitution article 14.

“So bringing the issue of them not being qualified for failing to pay their membership fees in time does not hold any water, as a responsible GB all have been clearing their membership fees regularly which can be verified from the Office,” it stated.

It also added that citing the matter as an excuse to oppose the legitimately selected office bearers is unreasonable.

It reminded that even in the general conference held in Diphupar B on November 24, 2018, the majority decision of the Search/ Selection Committee was accepted and supported by the majority of the GBs present.

The opposing party decided to hold an election by themselves which was totally against the Constitution of the NGBF and DDGBA, it stated.

The process of having an election where only 25 members voted for the President is duly opposed by most tribal GBs Association and Union of Dimapur, it stated. “The votes of 25 GBs of Dimapur can’t be interpreted as the majority of the whole Dimapur District GBs Association,” it asserted.

Further, it noted the ‘dubious’ part played by the NGBF official by attending the election process which it said, is totally against the written NGBF Constitution Article 8. “...their very presence seems to encourage the illegal election process by giving them tacit support to go against the GB Federation Constitution,” it said.

It may be mentioned that earlier on April 9, the Dimapur District GBs Association stated that the association president was “duly and consensually elected unopposed by 25 electorate (out of 37 electorate) in presence of Nagaland GBs Federation officials as election observers on January 22, 2019.”