Weather based integrated agro advisory for the month of August 2020

Total monthly rainfall received in Dimapur district during July month was 199.9 mm which was 31% less than the normal (long term annual average). The number of rainy days was 17.As per the Extended Range Forecast for Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura subdivision from 9th to 15th August 2020, below normal rainfall is likely to occur.
Keeping in view of threat of COVID-19 spread farmers are advised to follow the government guidelines, personal hygiene, use mask, ensure hand washing with soap at reasonable interval, social distancing during picking of vegetables and other agricultural operation in all crops.

Animal Science - Dr Mahak Singh and Dr Talimoa

1.    Avoid overcrowding. Atleast floor space of 1square feet for adult broilers and 2.0-2.5 square feet for layers should be provided per bird.

2.    Provide balanced ration to prevent reduced egg production and malnutrition related issues.

3.    Provide electrolytes in water during very hot days.

4.    Keep the deep litter as dry as possible. Caking, moisture formation, fungal growth etc will lead to disease and mortality across all age groups.

5.    Follow deworming and vaccination schedule as advised by veterinarian.

6.    Always observe the flock for abnormal/ suspected disease infection and isolate suspected animals.

7.    Contact a veterinarian for any advice.

1.    Maintain hygiene and strict bio security measures.

2.    For neonates, provide warmth and iron supplements either through iron injection on 3rd and 14th day) or as oral preparation.

3.    Umblical cord care and needle teeth nipping are important to follow though seemingly insignificant.

4.    Service boars should not be used with atleast 2-3 days resting period for optimum results.

5.    Breeding sows should not be overfed so as to prevent obesity. Their ration should not be deficient in minerals.

6.    Fatterners and finishing pigs should be dewormed atleast a month before slaughter.

7.    Pregnant animals should be dewormed with pregnancy safe anthelminthics 30-15 days before farrowing and their pens thoroughly cleaned before the farrowing.

8.    Always stay vigilant and be aware of diseases occurring around your area. Any abnormal/ suspicious events/ activities related to animals should be immediately reported to the right authority.