When Everybody Works with Honesty

Phuveyi Dozo,

Naga United Village, Dimapur

We are occupied with issue of ‘Employment.’ But it comes and is gone when everybody woks.  Generically, it means ‘government appointment and jobs in companies’ in the minds of people. But it should mean ‘daily work for food’. Employment and self-reliance are synonymous. There is a job for everybody everywhere. God created us to work for food to survive and succeed. Educated youth, returnees from quarantine centers, and post lockdowns will have no room for ‘unemployment’ issue if everybody works with honesty.    

Earning drops with broke companies. Charity and free food come to exhaustion. Our society is overstretched with ‘food without work and demands’. Living on others’ charity cannot go long. It is a happy world when everyone is seen working to survive and help others. It is Self-reliance when we grow our foods, earn and save by loyalty, and raise our children. There are works around. The basic principle of humanity is ‘lightening others’ burden’. There are choices and options in consideration of employment.

Cropping option    

It is the fundamental and primary option which is a habitat and traditional means for livelihood. Our parents and ancestors survived and lived by this sole practice. It is the elementary science of hand-to-mouth form to live. Our fingers, hands, hours and days are designed to work. The novel coronavirus with lockdowns teach us the lesson of self-employment. It is to cultivate the habit of self-employment against insufficiency, economic breakdown, hunger and starvation. It is self-employed when one raises his vegetables, fruits and meats from domestic livestock. 

Lockdown results in spider-web free rooms, rich kitchen, clean running water, productive gardens and farms producing pumpkin, tomato, potato, carrot, biter gourds, arum, bean, chilly, cabbage, broccoli, lady’s finger, onion, garlic, ginger alongside banana, cucumber, lemon, papaya and other fruits. There are varieties of medicinal and anti-viral plants too. It is the fundamental al approach to survival and success. It is something everyone can do regardless educated or uneducated. Self-Employment is the primary job from the beginning of human history that brings self-sufficiency to oneself, family, community and world. Nation will rise and shine when everybody works with honesty. There is a job everyone can do.   

Marketing option

It is trading and business. It deals with consumerism, buy-sale, retailing, bartering and fair price dealing. It is not against biblical principle. One can be holy in market places with business. Early civilizations convey bartering, swap and trading.In process of procuring, supplying and distribution of items, a fair dealer receives profits for his livelihood. In process it promotes civilization, connectivity culture, and entrepreneurships. You can be a channel of healthy connection. 

Technological related option

Our present world is a technological regulated generation. How we go about it? It means income generating schemes and earning. It deals with small and cottage industries, manufacturing factories, and production schemes. Metal works, painting, art works, tailoring, carpentry, ceramics, weaving, repairing,  tooling and waste saving are some examples. There are endless enterprising opportunities. You can be a dynamic tool of transformation. 

Government job option 

This is the last option because it is not designed for everyone. This refers to interviews and appointments based on criteria and competence. Qualified become professionals, clericals and teachers. Government or national service requires caliber people of integrity to iconize quality and image of a nation. You can bring credit to your government and nation by your honesty and loyalty. But sadly, in process, educated youth wait and get infuriated with disappointment while they could have self-employed with both ends meet. It will be a basic misleading if our youth go to schools and colleges with a mentality of government service. We must know that availability of government jobs gets saturated and exhausted while there are many jobs to do to improve economy and transform humanity and public community in our world.

Our world is a happy place to live when we apply its three principles: Knowing God, the Creator, Honesty as daily policy, and hard Work as daily habit. These are three everywhere.   


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