Who created factionalism?

NNC Member

All Naga people literate and illiterate are talking for national unity as the Nagas have many factions. Eno N. Thomas Lotha also has written for national unity which appeared in Morung Express on 9thJuly 2023. Most people do not speak about the truth of factionalism or where to unite. The Convenor of FNR (Forum for Naga Reconciliation) visited me on 3rdNov. 2010, at Mae Hong Son, Thailand, where I told him, if you cannot speak the truth, do not speak for peace and reconciliation. Because if there is no truth and justice, there is no peace. Instead of reconciliation, he recognized many factions, which encouraged factionalism.

The fact is that those who condemned Shillong Accord (SA) as a capitulation created factions, starting from Muivah and Isak.  But those who do not condemn SA, do not create factions. They know the miraculous work of God to save Nagaland from the brink of doom and they are incessantly praising Him from the top of their voice. If the factional leaders come to know this fact, they will start to praise God our Lord for saving the Naga nation, then there will be unity among us under the banner of NNC.

From the beginning and up to date the NNC stands for nationalism, but the NSCN stands for political issue. Their demands prove the fact that they stand for politics but not for nationalism. When the Naga people know this fact, they will stop supporting NSCN/factions or desist to follow them, and unitedly stand for nationalism, then there will be unity among the Nagas.

The NSCN stands for socialism and committed many human rights violations. The Western democratic countries, therefore, did not accept NSCN or support it, because of socialism and committed many human rights violations. But some Nagas are supporting the NSCN. Because the leaders are from their own clan or tribe. Which completely violated the Law of Christ, which reads; “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.” (Luke 14:26).  

This means, if your father or mother or relatives are doing wrong, do not follow them but desist from committing evil with them. Some are supporting NSCN-IM because they love money even if he/she knows they are doing wrong. If the Nagas people follow the stand of Western countries, there the Nagas will have a chance of national unity. 

On May 16, 1951, the Naga people vowed in unison to remain an independent nation as in ancient times. And for which verdict hundreds and thousands of lives had been sacrificed. But after 29 years of Plebiscite, the NSCN leaders deviated from the Naga national stand and demanded a political status from India. The Nagas, therefore, will never simply follow after the factional group who do not stand for nationalism, but politics. If factional leaders come to know this fact, the Nagas will have unity. 

The factions are now nearly 20, and all of them claim the SA is the main factor for division. But they cannot come together as one. They stand in the interest of one’s own leadership and don’t want to thank God for His miraculous work to save Nagaland and for His protection, and that creates factionalism.