Wokha: 23rd LSU Martyrs’ Trophy 2024 commences

The 23rd Edition LSU Martyrs’ Trophy 2024 players during the opening ceremony at Local Ground Wokha on May 7. (Morung Photo)

The 23rd Edition LSU Martyrs’ Trophy 2024 players during the opening ceremony at Local Ground Wokha on May 7. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Wokha | May 7

The Lotha Students’ Union (LSU) organised its 23rd edition LSU Martyrs’ Trophy 2024 paying tribute to Lt Chumdamo Tungoe and Lt Thungkhomo Ezung, who gave their lives for the betterment of the Lotha community

The opening ceremony was held under the theme “Whistle Against Drugs” at Local Ground Wokha on May 7 with M Daniel Lotha Chairman, NCSRPB (Nagalim Civil Service Recruitment & Promotion Board) NSCN/ GPRN (I.M), C.H.Q. Hebron as the special guest, accompanied by Joseph Patton, secretary CFMC, Colonel Nrikhon, Dimapur Town Commander, Yanpo Ovung Kiloner, Chumdamo Yanthan Kilonser and Simon Yanthan, Dy Kilonser.

In his address, Daniel Lotha, Chairman of NCSRPB said that God has blessed each individual with different talents and stressed the importance of recognizing and utilizing these talents effectively. He urged participants to carry the sports game with discipline, highlighting the significance of showcasing their abilities in a manner that evokes admiration and joy from the audience. Furthermore, he encouraged for unity among the youth, underscoring that they are the leaders and the future of the Lotha community.

Speaking about the theme, M Daniel Lotha spoke on the rising issue of drug-related cases in Wokha District and underscored its harmful effects. He noted that women are often involved in drug sales, stressing that they are contributing to the demise of young people. With Mother’s Day approaching on May 12th, he appealed them to abandon their illegal trade out of love for their children and future generations.

The event commenced with a kick-off by the special guest. Introduction of teams and oath taking was done by Ratsurhumo Z Jami Games & sports secretary LSU.

B Wonjano Ngullie chaired the event, while Mhabeni Khuvung led the invocation prayer. Lirhonthung E Kithan, President of LSU, gave a welcome note and briefed on the significance of the Marty’s trophy. Samuel Ezung, President of Wokha District Football Association, delivered greetings.

Sixteen teams are competing in the tournament and in today’s matche,  Hustler won against Youngstar (FC 2-0), New Colony Youth Organization (4-1) against Proper XI, Riphyim FC (3-1) against Vankhsoung Students’ Union, and Baghty Valley (1-0) against Vungoju colony.