WSKH dismisses petition filed by DMC toll tax contractors

DIMAPUR, JULY 13 (MExN): In reference to news item published in local dailies under the caption “Ex-DMC advisor taken to customary court” on July 6 last, the Western Sumi Kukami Hoho in its meeting held at its office on July 12 deliberated upon the issue and dismissed the petition filed by DMC Toll tax lessee/contractor Kakuho Sumi, on behalf of three other lessees namely Akaho Awomi, Hotolu and Akho Angami, in the Naga customary court of Western Sumi Kukami Hoho against S. Phukuto Zhimo, former DMC advisor in-charge of toll tax and revenue. The WSKH stated that case was dismissed on the ground as the issue was not a subject matter of the hoho, outside the purview of the hoho and cannot be settled by the customary court. The hoho further stated that it was a case that has to be dealt with by other rightful and competent agency and not by a customary court.