Yimchungrii Region NNC clarifies

The real bogus article on 10th July was by bogus person in the name of Yimchungrii Region without mentioning any name of so called  NNC (NA). These are the real bogus few condemned and terminated from the Region last year and this fact is known to one and all already. So these few bogus and unrecognised by the Naga people may say or write will not carry any weight politically in the Naga Country.

To tell the fact the Nagaland Post Editor has written in that way and confused the people may be intentional. Otherwise all the other Newspapers Daily correctly written and published accordingly as the Information & Publicity Wing of NNC overall has issued  and which was very well known to everybody in the Naga country and in particular the Press Media. 

The real Yimchungrii Region of NNC people are attending the 13th &14th July NNC Meeting as called for in the interest of the people and Nation.

Signed on behalf 
of Yimchungrii 
Region, NNC,
2.kheantsu, Leacy