Zeliangrong Baudi (N) reflexes

Gwanphun Gangmei

The ZLR-Baudi is composed and formed by the people and for the people of Zeliangrong   people living in Nagaland.

Its Objectives being social welfare, justice and development of the people and to proclaim the indigenous rights and value of the Zeliangrong Naga to the entire-world: It is the sole duty and responsibility of the people to promote its values and objectives of the organization. It is also our people’s responsibility for its glorious image or its degradation. It is our undeniable pride and name to be united amidst diversities of dialectical differences, opinions, views, concepts or philosophies. We need to have a common binding factor for our peaceful survival. Without binding factor, unity in diversity is an empty word. 

Certain factors that bind us together are moral value, character or principle and loyalty to one’s own people and originality. Once we forfeit these qualities for personal greed or gain there remain nothing in the person. Dangerous factors that threaten our integration is discrimination and domination over minority, leveling our own people as outsider or non local, mistreatment and tribalism. As a consequence, there is growing intolerance toward each others among brothers. What a picture are we showing it to the world by exposing our own poor image!

Are we not planting a seed of own destruction by failing to maintain the common values and moral standard? Can we not unit our self to organize a larger and greater force for social change and development? Can’t we over look our own individual gain for the sake of gaining much for the community and society at large giving our selfless service for the welfare of our people as a whole? What gain is there for us by separating ourselves to form a smaller community as Zeliang, Rongmei and Puimei? Is it not forfeiting our own originality and common indigenous identity? Who combine Ze and Liang to call Zeliang and Rongmei out of the picture? Is it state policy or our own creation at the expense of imprisoning ourselves as captive in the hand of our enemy? Where is justice hidden? How can we build a just society under such discrimination? If we try to separate Zeliangrong, there will arise reasons to even separate further into Northern, southern Zeme, Liangmai, Rongmei, kabui, Puimei and so forth. Where do we sacrifice our moral/principle and get unprincipled ideology to distort ourselves? Any society that sacrifices principles over privileges ends up losing both.

Our Zeliangrong people aim to be true and honest, and adhere to People mandated Organization and strive to promote it and live by its principle and value without distorting it in any way and manner. We can never live peacefully and lovingly when we discriminate, ignore each other and practice injustice in a naked manner. We must unite to make our picture (image) a complete whole no matter what cost, excuses or reasons one may advocate. Unity is power for victory. Disunity is stagmenting of power and glory. We are responsible for our action we commit. Let us be careful not to make one irreparable mistake and regret latter beyond control. 

The consequences of our own destruction will fall upon the one who initiate separation among us. I think It is not a wise idea to even imagine separation among us when pressing need to unite our force and power for social change and defending of our land is the cry of the day. Our people need valued education (Moral value/ Principle) more than anything else, because lacking it will cause our own destruction. Education to awake us and see the reality. Without it money and wealth will handle us to destroy us. Without it our vision will vaporize in the air, our plan crash to the dust. The vision of every society is to have its citizens live with respect and dignity. Do we have it? We need to build a common vision for our people or we perish and no future for our people! Hellen keller was once asked, “what is worse than having no eyesight?”

She replied,” having eyesight with no vision”. “Poor eyes limit your sight but poor vision limits your deeds” The United States of America is a Nation that has immigrants (outsiders) from practically every corner of the world. Nevertheless, they value education and use it at all levels to spread the message of National integration. As the result, they (USA) stay united and proud to call themselves as United States of America. We too can stay united and integrate our people. Civilization is not measured by the quantity of wealth that members therein possess, but by the quality of life they live and lead. If our people look for monetary gain and forget human values practicing all kinds of corruption and naked. injustices, we will soon be killed by it.

It is our blessed responsibility to unite our people for growth and development in all aspects. Let no feeling of ism, social/tribal classification, prejudice, nurture our minds .Let nothing whatsoever/however promising; disturb our peace and our vision of living  together as one people and community. We have better hope, better future only if we have integrity, and strive to stay united at all cost.