Arrenpong Sports Festival 2018

Arrenpong Sports Festival 2018

MLA Dr.Imtiwapang Aier unveiling the commemorative medal of the Arrenpong Sports Festival 2018 at Mopungchuket village, organized by MALT under the aegis of Mokokchung District Sports Council, December 18. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Mokokchung | December 18

The Arrenpong Sports Festival 2018 organized by the Mopungchuket Students’ Union (MALT) under the aegis of the Mokokchung District Sports Council was held today at Yimli Ground, Mopungchuket with Dr. Imtiwapang Aier, MLA as guest of honour.

Mopungchuket Cross Country Run, Sand Volleyball Championship, Fastest Bowler Competition and Futsal Championship were the four events held today.

The cross country run was held with Adventure and Motorsports Association Mokokchung (AMAM) as technical partners while the sand volleyball championship was officiated by experienced referees from the Mokokchung District Volleyball Association. With Mokokchung District Cricket Association (MDCA) as associate partners, the fastest bowler competition was held with technical support provided by the Indian Fast Bowlers Foundation, Dimapur. Officiated by NCA trained umpires, the fastest bowling competition was conducted for two titles, Mokokchung’s Fastest Bowler and Arrenpong Open Fastest Bowler. Meanwhile, the Futsal Championship was officiated by MDFA referees.

Earlier, the guest of honour while delivering his speech at the inaugural function said that sports must be at the service of harmonious development of mankind as it can play a decisive role in building relations between villages, tribes, regions, states and even between countries. The local MLA also added that sports has often contributed to influencing political situations be developing diplomatic relations between countries in a wider perspective. He also said that great sporting careers don’t begin at the World Cup but they begin in backyards or school playgrounds. “We need to improve competitions at the grass root level,” he observed, and expressed appreciation MALT organizing the sports festival. He also added that lots of opportunities have been created in the country for sportspersons but wondered why Naga sportspersons have not made it to the top sporting circuits.

Dr. Imtiwapang Aier also unveiled the Arrenpong Sports Festival commemorative medal and flagged off the Mopungchuket Cross Country Run. Mopungchuket Village Council chairman Aosadang Lemtur and MDSC vice president L. Alemtemsu Ao delivered short speeches while president of AKM, Imkongwati administered the oath taking ceremony. MALT also awarded felicitation certificates to the eight sports clubs and associations in the village for promoting games and sports.

Owing to inclement weather conditions, results of the Sand Volleyball Championship was decided via a toss of the coin where Tongpangkumba and Sarilepzung were declared winners and Ochitemsu and Imkongyapang as runners-up. Odilemba won both titles of Mokokchung’s Fastest Bowler and Arrenpong Open Fastest Bower in the Fastest Bowler Competition, his fastest delivery recording 100 kph. In the 9km Mopungchuket Cross Country Run men’s category, Bipul Sadnami (34.19 minutes) from Assam, Tekanenba (35.15 minutes) from Mokokchung and Rupam Bora (35.43 minutes) from Assam won the top three honours respectively. In the 8km women’s category, Tsungrempokla (46.30 minutes), Throngtila (48.28 minutes) and Toshitula (52.3 minutes) won the first, second and third places respectively. The Futsal Championship went to Hooligans FC who defeated Pur Ajem Society in the rain affected final. All the winners were awarded with cash prize, medals and certificates.