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BSNL Broadband to ShortBand

Kengim Hegui
Peren Town

BSNL, is one of the oldest and most trusted telecom services in Nagaland but off late it’s gone of radar and is losing its status as a reliable and competent telecommunication company. From cellular mobileto the broadband servicesit’s become a routine for the public in Peren Town to face the brunt of it once the electricity is gone as network disconnects due to unavailability of back up power which is shambolic considering BSNL being a major telecom industry in the country.

Broadband service has taken the most beating this year as there’s little or no internet services in a month though bills are cleared regularly. The consumers using BSNL internet connection especially for business purposes are the worst hit as they are unable to transact online nor undergo online registration whereby, they lose their clients daily hampering their growth.

Numerous verbal complaints have been lodged time and again with the authorities yet it turned a deaf ear as no action has been taken so far. Thus, as a consumer we’re only asking for our money’s worth nothing more nothing less. BSNL is a rural network service provider and we believe that trust will not be broken as we look forward to a better and faster network connectivity in Peren Town in the days ahead.


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